This recipe was so unbelievably good, I had to blog it. I saw this recipe on pinterest of course and since I always have bananas on hand I decided to give it a try right away. The blogger’s name is Monique as well and her presentation was so good that that I had a hard time believing the only ingredient was just banana! Here’s her banana cone:

Pretty right? Here’s her recipe with topping etc. I immediately went to work chopping up two bananas and sticking them in the freezer. Of course, I totally forgot about them in there so eight hours later, they were rock solid and gave my food processor a warm time. I stuck a tablespoon of peanut butter in to  help it along and it eventually got to that perfect consistency. 

Sorry, no fancy presentation from me. I was in a rush to gobble it all down. What did me in was the amazing consistency. It was totally like ice cream!!! It was so creamy and rich and heavenly. all this from 2 bananas? I am so hooked! And the flavour options are endless too, I can imagine how it would go with a little cocoa powder added, or some caramel, or some coffee!

Munchkin totally gobbled it all up and dug into my skin asking for more. This one is a must have for those late nights when the ice-cream craving is real strong.

One of my followers shared that she did the same with frozen strawberries and another shared that she did the same with papaya. I had already begun to think of the papaya option since it also has a creamy texture, it would probably make a good “ice-cream” too and I imagine the strawberries make a good sorbet. No more need for the dairy and fat ladened stuff!

Will you be trying this recipe?


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