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HCG Cycle 1When I decided I was gonna do this blog I was at 188. I bought the domain name and have been mulling over whether or not I really wanna blog about this journey. Something like weight is something that is a very sensitive topic and brings with it great support as well as great ridicule. I don’t really want anybody judging me when they see me out eating or looking at me trying to figure out if I’ve regained the weight. But I decided to press on ahead because well, I don’t want to regain the weight. I’m no expert at this and I need all the support and advice I can get. I know I’m not going about this in the best possible way and I feel as if I put it out there, I’ll somehow find the right path. I’m sure others will offer their insight as well and all those others judging…I’ve never really cared about others judging me in my style or personal choices and I’ll learn to apply this to my weight as well.

So what have I been doing to get myself to 182? Well, I started the HCG program on Monday, June 20, 2011. One week ago to be exact. I’ve never heard about it before someone mentioned losing 20lbs in a month on twitter and I went waaaaaaahhhhhh sign me up! Its an expensive and restrictive program that is supposed to reset some gland or the other to basically release all the stored fat you have for the body to burn, just like what happens in pregnant women they claim. The diet that goes along with it is a 500 calorie a day diet which is extreme and me being the biggest skeptic thought, well if you’re only gonna eat 500 calories per day obviously you’re gonna lose weight super fast! It claims that it will be releasing your fat as calories so you won’t be hungry on this diet. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding it, here’s a Dr. Oz clip:

Let me tell you why I did decide to spend my hard earned money on this. Actually knowing someone who lost 20lbs in a month helped a lot. You never know who is paid to say what on the TV or online so actually knowing someone did help. I was blown away by the whole losing a pound a day thing. That’s amazing and I was suckered right in to “kick-start” my weight loss efforts with this diet. Its summer and I’m supposed to go on vacay to see my  BFF in a couple of months and well…you know how that goes when vanity kicks in. I was like hmmm 20lbs lighter when I go on vacation? This might just be worth it. If you do a youtube search for HCG before and after pics you’ll see lots of people throwing up their weight loss, even one Jamaican chica in there who lost 29lbs on her first cycle and it really made me think…i may not get 40 lbs in 40 days as promised but 30 would do me well.

Now to be honest I may not get to 30…the 500 calories a day thing is excruciating. My thing with it is I guess I am so afraid to eat the wrong things with the diet that I end up eating maybe 300 calories until about 4pm where I’m dying for hunger, wondering what to eat and end up cheating. I of course have not been cheating with KFC or something ridiculous. But I don’t know what effects cheating may have on the diet. Yesterday I had garlic shrimp with broccoli and spinach. Garlic and the butter it was cooked in though a small amount is a big no-no. Just now I had a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats in skimmed milk. There’s no milk or cereal allowed. Its not only a 500 calorie diet, they tell you exactly what to eat. Things like no garlic not even the powdered variety, only strawberries, apples, oranges and grapefruit allowed as fruits, no lotion or hair oil….it goes in. And by the way if you see me walking around looking a little ashy, now you know the reason why. I was just starting to change my life around when I found out about this diet. I haven’t had rice or potatoes in months. I’ve been discovering that I quite like the taste of green beans, carrots, corn and other veggies for my dinner and I have some in my fridge right now that I can’t have because they’re not allowed on this diet. I’m so dying for the 40 days to end!!!

Hunger is the only side effect I have on this diet. But I have lost 6lbs in 7 days and I am preparing myself for a healthy lifestyle once I’m through so I will press on through as I have spent a lot of money on it and I don’t intend to waste it. If at the end of the diet I weigh 160 or less I will be calling it a victory, but I won’t be doing any other cycles. The rest is up to good old fashioned healthy eating habits and lifestyle.

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