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I’m not on a diet, I eat healthily.

Or at the very least, I try. This post has been in my drafts for a minute now. I started writing and stepped away at the time because I didn’t want my annoyance to shine through. It came up again this morning and I decided it was definitely time to write it now. Just so I can scream from the mountain tops that I am not on any special kind of diet. I do not diet. I have stopped dieting long ago. The last diet I was on was the HCG diet, which I gave a thumbs down. In the action sense of the word, I. Do. Not. Diet. My diet however, consists of a considerable portion of healthy, wholesome options these days. I try to find healthy options that I love so that I can keep them in rotation in the foods that I eat for the rest of my life, as it is my intention to let my food be my medicine and my medicine be my food. Let’s take a look at the different meanings of the word diet.


From trusty ol’ Google. So, the kinds of food that I eat, habitually, tend to be healthy. My diet consists of mostly healthy foods. But, I am not on a diet. I don’t restrict myself to any kind of special foods or small amounts. There’s no restriction happening here. I ordered a baja salad from Wendy’s today and I surely did eat the tortilla chips that the chilli came with. Mmmm yummy. So no, I am not dieting in the sense of the word that most people use it, as in, restricting myself. You could say that I am restricting myself from foods high in unhealthy fats, but no, I am opting for better choices. For a lifetime. Not for 30 days, not til summer, not til I’m ripped, not til I’m at my goal weight. Nope. Forever. I enjoy being healthy and disease-free and I’m trying to keep myself that way by choosing wholesome foods. Mostly.

I still drink alcohol. I have cake if I feel to. I make pasta at home all the time. But these things do not make up the majority of my diet. My diet consists of wholesome, healthy foods. Am I saying this often enough? Cause I really want everyone to get the picture here! LOL

For persons who are making the change to a healthier lifestyle like I am trying to do, it can be annoying and extremely disappointing when friends, persons who you’d consider supporters, do things like make fun of you when you’re eating something they consider unhealthy. “Is that on your diet?” Uhm, I’m not on a diet. I’m a grown ass woman who eats what I want. 90% of the time, I want carrots, the other 10% I want cake. You have a problem with that??? Get up out my face. A lot of times, these people are deflecting their own guilt and that is the disappointing part. They want to be able to have the willpower to choose carrots over carrot cake but they don’t. When they see you “slipping” they feel good and want to “bring you down to their level.” But, I am not judging you, so why pray tell are you judging me and trying to make me feel bad? I was once that girl who chose carrot cake. Now I choose carrots easily and I’m trying to inspire others to do the same every now and then.

Also, all of a sudden I’ve become the person with special needs who has to be catered to differently at events surrounding food. “hmmm maybe Irie won’t want to come, she doesn’t eat these things anymore.” or “will we have to cook a different pot for Irie?” or “Lord, Irie will try and make us eat all this nasty, healthy stuff” Please have several seats. I’m not forcing anything on anyone. And I still enjoy a good plate of curry chicken, if you follow me on Instagram you know I cook this maybe weekly. I still get down on dirty in some barbecue and some brown stew. I LOVE me some fried fish! That ain’t never gon’ change. So maybe I’ll skip the white rice. Maybe I won’t! One plate of rice ain’t gonna hurt nobody. Stop tip-toeing around me. I am a grown ass woman, if I don’t wanna come to your artery-blocking, heart-attack ass barbecue, let me choose to say no. OOOORRRRR maybe I’ll eat first and still come and enjoy the atmosphere, maybe I’ll schedule my “cheat day” for that day. Come on now. Don’t do this.

So this was my little rant on this “new” lifestyle that I’ve embarked upon. I know some of my fellow “dieters” have some similar experiences! Please feel free to rant away in the comments and send this post to your worst-offending friends.

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7 thoughts on “I’m not on a diet, I eat healthily.

  1. Man…. you could not have said it better. People come to my house and i make them a normal meal and their first comment is.. Oh i am happy you still eat normal people food? What???. Just because i am now more aware of what i put in my body doesn’t mean i won”t eat “normal people food”. They really need to get over it. i need to print this article and place it on my forehead!

  2. Mama!!!! Thank you…you know me have it worst dan you right??? every day at work…if smaddy see me drinking ma smoothies then later seeing me eat a biscuit “is that apart of your diet?” mi feel like mi wah spit it out pan dem!!! KMT Mi ask one d odda day if mi did tek nuh money from dem fi buy it!!! u know mi done copy paste and send to alist of ppl aleady!!!

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