Caribbean Fashion Week officially starts today but the big shows are on the weekend. I still have no clue what I’m gonna wear. Fashionweek calls for the ultimate fashionista casual chic with a little extra on the Sunday, cause its the final day and well, its a Sunday.

I did my nails with fashionweek in mind. If you read fashion and beauty blogs then I’m sure you’ve come across crackle nail polish and I was super excited to see them at my nail tech. Take a look

I love it so much. But I think I will get them repainted for the main event, I love bright colours on my fingers and the grey crackle really mutes my beautiful pink. Two bright pops next time 😀

I went up to Base Kingston where Tami Chynn and Lubica sells their Belle line hoping to catch a fly outfit at their event they had planned over the weekend to debut their new line. Unfortunately the event was postponed due to rain and what was in store either couldn’t fit me or really didn’t pop enough.

My sister was with me since she can try on all the pretty clothes my big ass won’t fit in

Wasn’t really feeling it, I guess it was a little big on her still. The heffa. Then it was my turn

Even though I didn’t see anything I could wear to CFW in my size, this dress appealed to me because as you all know I love me a dress and this dress seemed perfect to run around on the weekends with those same little flats. Unfortunately when I tried it on it really just looked like an oversized tee and would’ve needed too much styling to actually be cute. Not what I look for in an easy breezy weekend dress. This one was a Belle original too…the price wasn’t bad for the line but for its purpose I’d only buy it if it went on sale.

The store had some really cute cropped tops and mini skirts more fitting of my sister’s size but I’ll be back on Saturday to see what’s new from Tami and Lubica’s Belle.

So I still haven’t found my Saturday and Sunday look as yet. I’ve managed to put together one casual look from a top I bought in Lee’s Department store of all places….still on the lookout! Tomorrow I visit two of my friends stores in search of the perfect CFW look, Shhh Boutique and Glam Culture. Stay tuned!


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