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A few short years ago when I was in college, there was a little hottie on campus getting his hustle on selling Victoria’s Secret everything to the ladies. Undies, bras, splashes, lotions, you name it, we bought it. Then he sold us Guess jeans and tops and mushroomed from there. Determined never to work for “the man,” today the college hottie is the proud owner of Shhh Boutique at 8 Shortwood Road.

Yesterday I popped in to see what my old friend was up to and hoped he had something in my size. Boy did we get into some sort of photoshoot! My sister was as usual along for the ride and had fun trying on everything from the classy to the trendy to the downright….Shhh! I had to leave out a few of these pics…the big sis in me just cant post it! We had lots of fun and I’m happy to say that I did find lots of dresses in my size but not for CFW. They were either a bit too casual or a bit too conservative. I’m looking for fun!

Anyhoo lets get to it. 

I would rock something like this with a military styled blazer. Its so soft and feminine and pretty and would look great under something hardcore with lots of hardware, big bangles and spiky heels.

Another soft feminine dress I adored.

I really love this one! The little frills at the waist and of course the open back gives it a sweet silhouette and a sexy touch.

I love this! Its so cute. Pair with some fun coloured pumps or printed wedges and you’re front row chic.

For us girls who love an LBD, here’s a cocktail classic.

I really loved the jewelry on this one. That neck piece says “I’m here”

If I had her body I’d probably walk around like this all day.I really love those pants.

White linen pants for a hot summer day? Yes please!


I was pleased with my visit to Shhh Boutique, they had a wider variety of sizes and styles. The accessories are gorgeous but I need some more trendy pieces from them. I wanted to get my colour blocking on and I wasn’t able to find the bright colours I’m looking for here. I of course made my requests. Shhh is relatively new to facebook, how about a warm welcome? Tomorrow I revisit Base Kingston to see whats new with Belle. Will you be there?

The print dress was definitely me fave from Shhh, what was yours? Do you have a store that I can do a feature on? I’d love to pop by!

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