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So yesterday I went to Glam Culture as promised and I had high hopes since I was told they had new stock. Their stuff is so cute! Unfortunately nothing to fit me really 🙁 I’ma have to open up a large and extra large store. Anyhoo my guinea pig model/sister was with me again so I have fabulous pics for all you ladies blessed to be able to eat like this child and still look like this or those of you who go hard at the gym.


Casual crop top

Starting with this crop top before I get into the hot stuff. How big is the crop top trend for summer? I saw them at Base Kingston as well and they’re coming in lovely varieties. Glam Culture has a good variety, some with lace and fringe going down the back. Very cute. I’m planning to get into this trend too, you don’t have to show mid-rif to get into a crop top. I’ll do a post on how us extra larges can wear this trend. Remind me.


Hardware and Utility

Munchkin wanted to get in on the photoshoot. Isn’t she looking spiffy in her polka dots and pastry kicks? Kids are definitely who that line was made for. Anyhoo, I call this one the hardware and utility dress since its got lots of big embellishments on it and well…it has pockets. You know I love a dress with pockets. This tiny little number is actually an extra-small..get into it if you’be been having trouble finding dresses to fit you.


I love this dress. Its still quite simple but so sexy at the same time. And you know I love a print! I think this is the perfect fit too, I can’t stand to see women squeeze themselves into dresses stretching the fabric over places begging to be set free. Wear clothing how they’re supposed to fit! Look how cute that is.

Tiny top

You can tell by the look on this one’s face she was really feeling this one right? She even let down her hair. It is extremely cute. We tried it both high-waisted and drop waist and both looks were fab. Did I say yet how much I hate her? UGH lol. Of course you don’t have to pair them together but why wouldn’t you?



I had to save this one for last. Isn’t it absolutely angelic? Gorge.

The prices at Glam Culture were for the most part pocket friendly. A lovely store with unique pieces. Check them out, they’re in the Pulse Complex in New Kingston. Are you loving the pieces as much as I am? Which one was your favourite?

Unfortunately my search continues for CFW outfits. Tomorrow I try a different store. Stay tuned!

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