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Can you believe that Fat Joe has a song called Instagram That Hoe?!?!?! If you said Soulja Boy or whichever high school rapper is hot in the streets these days I would’ve expected it but grown azz Fat Joe! SMH

Anyhooooooo every now and then I’ll share a few of my instagram pics with you guys so you can see not just what I’m up to but also what I’m liking and sharing because Instagram has truly been a wealth of inspiration and information especially when it comes to health and recipes. You can follow me there @loveiriediva, someone already took @iriediva and isn’t using it. Ugh. 

The first shot (above) is a pic I took this past weekend on my way out. You know, those snaps you take when you’re done getting ready, to make sure your hair and makeup is on point. I love this picture for a couple of reasons; my purple rinse is popping, (I mixed this with blue food colouring) my curls are popping, my new lipstick is popping and my hair was behaving! In my last post, I ranted about the fact that it’s getting to that length where it really has a mind of it’s own. I’m rarely ever able to fluff and spruce it to a point like this one where it falls in a nice looking TWA anymore. It tries to do weird bangs and sticks out in places that I just really can’t fight with so I’m in some pins or a puff more often than not now.

Speaking of puffs, I accessorized this one with an old pearl necklace I had lying around. It’s now one of my favourite hair accessories. But let’s get in to some of this health stuff:

I forgot who it was that I saw posting this but I won’t sit on the info, let me pass on this great little tip. I’ve been searching for the best way to store basil because it wilts so quickly and here’s one way. These are my little flavour powerhouses. This set is a combination of parsley, basil and rosemary that I chopped and froze in coconut oil and some in EVOO. Whatever I’m cooking I use these oils instead of pouring oil from the bottle now. I used one recently in a pasta dish and it made it so divine! Just be sure to cut the cubes in half when you’re ready to use them if you’re using a big ice tray, or of course feel free to not full them all the way up. One whole cube is too much oil for my everyday meals. You can use whatever seasonings not just herbs, some people use onions, garlic and peppers in theirs. Speaking of pasta…

I shared this tip with munchkin’s dad who eats a great amount of pasta and he’s been forever thankful. Cut your pasta in half and use vegetables instead. Great way to get your veggies in and cut down on the amount of pasta you’d normally eat. This was spaghetti and frozen mixed vegetables, I also do this with penne and bigger cuts of veggies like broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. I made this with some chicken in a red sauce and it was heavenly!

I picked this one up from Fitness and Faith and I am slightly obsessed with them. I’ve made a ton of varieties so far. They’re egg bakes, fill a pan with whatever filling you choose and pour a seasoned egg over it, put in oven on 350 and bake for 30 minutes! You can bake them while showering and grab it and head out the door or send them with your little ones for lunch! Munchkin loves the sausage, cheese, broccoli variety. Definitely follow FAF on instagram, he’s got some great recipes!

This one tastes much better than it pictures I promise! It started out as simply some leftover quinoa that I threw some beans and mixed some Solomon Gundy in. I was lazy and didn’t feel like cooking so I figured it would do the trick. Then suddenly there was corn, chopped greens, peppers, red onions and tomatoes in the mix. It was an amazing salad and I didn’t have to cook a thing! The Solomon Gundy pulled it all together for a spicy sensation, I imagine you could use some hummus or whatever your favourite dressing is.

Last but not least, a great meal prep tip from Simple Green Smoothies.

Those of you who are always asking me for recipes for green smoothies, this is the account you need to follow! As you know, I drink a green smoothie each morning and 9 times out of 10 I’m running around like a mad woman trying to get everything peeled and chopped without being late. Meal prepping is so important! Now I’ve made a point to at least chop what needs to be chopped the night before and leave it in my magic bullet cup so all I have to do the next morning is to add greens and blend.

Do you like these kinda posts? Let me know if I should do more in the comments and please share your Instagram accounts and your faves with me too!

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