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You guys gotta love me by now cause I keep finding all the fresh local produce for you! Or rather, they are finding me! I got an email recently from someone who’d seen this video I did of my farm unboxing. I was being introduced to what was another option for not only farm fresh produce, but a range of seafood offering that fits right into my new healthy lifestyle. I made the call and that very day, found myself in the small backyard garden of Sophie, owner of


I saw rows of herbs like basil, tarragon, chives, cilantro as well as veggies such as cherry tomatoes, green beans and bell peppers and fruits such as lemons and figs. I was digging the variety, ever seen purple beans? Yellow beans? Purple basil???

IMG-20130118-WA0000 (1)

Cherry tomatoes and yellow beans


yellow beans


sweet peppers


purple basil


purple beans

I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those purple beans. I’ve seen purple potatoes on Instagram before and wondered the likelihood of finding them here. Richer colour often means more nutrients! As seen in this post, these beans turn green upon cooking so instead I would definitely throw them in my juice! I’ve never had fresh figs before and it was great to just pick one and bite right into it.

20130118_170601 20130118_170553 20130118_170533

It really kinda made me want to bust out a hoe and get my gardening on. Then I got serious and was just happy that there were more people offering this kind of fresh off the farm/garden service. Imagine being able to have the freshest of herbs for your weekly cooking and knowing the source? Knowing that you’re truly getting organic? Nice! But, I got even more excited when she took me into her deep freeze area!

Now, I am a fish novice. I was only just introduced to salmon by the hubs in the BVI. Before that, parrot and snapper was the extent of my fish language. I had no clue what mackerel and tuna looked like if it was outside of a tin. But since I’ve been trying to embark on this healthier lifestyle, fish is something I am trying to incorporate more into my diet because it is SO quick and easy to prepare and it’s so yummy when you get it right. Unfortunately, I haven’t been getting it right lately and I know it has a lot to do with the type of fish I’ve been buying. As with everything else, quality is important and the fish I was getting in the supermarket just wasn’t cutting it. But of course, who buys fish in a supermarket right? Only me smh. Anyway I’ve been getting better at it since I ordered fish from Freshmonger Ja over the Christmas. Hubby hooked up a mean wahoo in foil and I made a note to order more of that type of fish. Even better is that Gina, the freshmonger, seasons some of the fillets, so a novice like me only has to pop them in the oven. She has some mussels that are apparently all the rage since my cousins have ordered some but my tastes has not opened up all that much yet -__-

Sophie is introducing a similar service with an even wider variety. I love this. Look at all the seafood goodies!


Blue crabs, cleaned, backs off


Snook fillets


Lobster tails




Shrimp tails in shell

I’m excited! I was offered a selection of fresh seafood produce and I cooked the snook fillet this weekend. OMG amaze! Though I’m overexcited about my new grill and wanted to throw it on, I didn’t want to dry it out so I decided to go with that I knew and just simply bake it in salt, pepper, garlic, thyme and butter. It was amazing and flavourful and everything.


I had it simply with roast sweet potato and roast pumpkin. Yummy! However, I don’t want to get bored with this recipe so Sophie has promised to offer up some recipes to keep me coming back for more fish. The caveat with this is that it is $1200 per pound. One pound is one meal you get what I’m saying? For a family on a budget it may not be so practical. To this end I was introduced to other varieties of fish that are just as yummy and go for as low as $350/lb when it’s high in season. I’ll be looking forward to these kinds of specials as that is definitely more affordable.

We got into a chat about the practices of fishermen and the importance of keeping things such as ice on board the fishing boats for hygiene and freshness. She and her husband have a very hands on approach to the fish they carry, they actually do catch some of it and I love the attention to quality that was conveyed. I was convinced that the fish I was buying would be high quality and I was able to sample and taste for myself.

I also loved how networked the business was. It wasn’t limited to just what they grew or caught but they collaborate with other farmers who offer a wide variety of produce. Everything from free range chicken and their eggs, lamb, coconut and bananas, to cakes and pies and meals like lobster macaroni and cheese and shepherds pie. I am a little excited to try the mac and cheese, I won’t lie, and I was able to sample the lamb sausage and I swore I died and went to heaven. I was like… here take all my money!

So how can you get in on all of this? Well, get on the website! is the place where you can become a member. The concept right now is to keep it to a small number of members that buy produce regularly, as you can see the garden is small but as membership grows and demand grows, so will the crop. Try out the different produce, see what fits into your lifestyle and your budget and incorporate some freshness into your life. One of the things I know I’m interested in is learning which herbs go together. The smell of the tarragon in the garden stayed with me and I am looking forward to trying that herb out. She also grows celery that is smaller and a little different from the huge stalks we see in the supermarket but the smell was so strong, I’m excited to use it as a spice in my meals.

The idea of things like the prepared meals work as well for busy people who don’t always have time to cook. I feel like I could buy a shepherds pie, cut it into pieces and freeze it and defrost one on those days when I’m really not in the mood. With a simple side salad that I always have from Food Basket delivery, sounds like a great meal.

The email address is and the contact number is 876-822-7026. Ask for Sophie and tell her Irie sent you!

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