Yow My Girl Swimwear

Introducing Yow My Girl Swimwear

My mother has been sewing ever since I can remember and I can’t tell you how happy I am that she’s come full circle right back to her passion and has decided to make it do what it do for her bank book. It was the push I needed to get myself back behind a sewing machine as well because I’ve long had visions of being a fashion designer and started classes long ago that I bailed on. Well, here we are again. I’ve pushed her into doing more swimsuits and bam! A swimsuit line has been born. I named it myself, do you like the name? These are no ordinary swimsuits, when a guy sees you in this he’ll definitely do a double take and yell “Yow, my girl!” so get ready for all the attention.

Yow My Girl Swimwear

I have a ton of plans for the line and will debut my own, unique collection at some point with a look that is ultimately YMG identifiable but for now we’re just making them as our minds can come up with different styles. Many people have also been sending in designs that they’d like to be duplicated and we’ve been doing our best to replicate them, pushing our skills and design eyes to new lands. As we continue to design and develop our look, custom-made designs and duplication will come at a premium so if you’ve got a design, send it in now while we’re still in development mode! Mom has certainly gravitated towards a look. If you look through our Facebook albums, you will definitely see a stringy trend. My mother loves to work with strings and studs and it already makes our look unique even though we haven’t sat down and designed a collection as yet. Here’s a few of my favourite styles:

Yow My Girl Bikini 20130816_151944 20130816_154209 Yow My Girl High Waist Bikini Yow My Girl Spider Bikini 20130715_113624 Yow My Girl Monokini 20130716_174948 20130726_073401 20130726_074747 20130726_125051 20130726_125525

And of course, since she’s started I’ve certainly put her to work making a few swimswuits for moi:

IrieDiva in Yow My Girl IrieDiva in Yow My Girl IrieDiva in Yow My Girl IrieDiva in Yow My Girl

Me and my sister there in that last one. The one just above that, I need to take more pictures of the top because it can be tied in about 4 different ways, one of my favourites. We can tell that the market is hungry for a swimsuit line that is Jamaican, unique and affordable because since we’ve launched simply our Facebook page, the orders are coming in from wholesalers, retailers and people like you and me looking for cute and different swimwear. With suits starting at JM$3500 or US$35, I think and others are echoing, they’re a darn good deal. Watch this space to see where the line goes and what’s next for us and let me know which ones you liked and what type of styles you hope we’ll bring! Of course I’m looking out for my plussize family and will launch a whole line of HOT Yow My Girl swimwear just for the thickums and the fluffies. Our email address for orders is yowmygirl[at]gmail[dot]com and our contact number is 876-383-9791

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  1. Long time your Mummy a mek swimsuit. She’s done about 3 for me, all well done. I love the new stuff. Can’t wait to see the line take off!

  2. I am in love with the third one up from the bottom. That’s gonna be part of my motivation to keep exercising, so I can get me one when I go home next year. Forget a summer swimsuit body, I’m working towards February!

  3. C O N G R A T S to you and Mummy. I cant wait to see the selections for the thickums and fluffies. . . HOTT Yow my Girl. I will also be featuring this on my blog next week and as many times as I can so watch for it and send me two pics of the New Hot YMG when you get them!! I am so Happy for you both!!!!