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So last week was my birthday! This is my final year of claiming the twenties, legitimately anyway, and I plan on making it count. You know how we tend to hold out life up to the measuring stick in our minds and get all depressed that we haven’t crossed off more stuff? Well I decided instead to focus on what I did have, my little princess, very good friends and a chance to make life what I want it to be. It’s never too late right? I sound like I’m 50 SMH

Anyway with this positive attitude radiating I decided I was gonna have a fabulous birthday. And that I did. I started it with dinner and dancing to ring it in but I’ll save that story for a different post as I want to recreate the outfit for you. So I’ll focus on the day itself. My plan was to head to the beach and then meet up with friends for dinner after. I postponed the beach as it seemed too hectic a day so I took my munchkin instead to enjoy a lunch of veggie lasagna and ice cream. We went to the famous Devon House in Kingston that was recently ranked among the best ice-cream spots in the world. Munchkin had an absolutely fabulous time eating ice-cream, chasing birds and touching flowers. There’s a play area there with a swing, slide and see-saw I’m guessing would have been a fun time but unfortunately it was closed. We had loads of fun anyway.

One of my friends commented that you’ve really entered mommy-land when you’re excited about taking out your kid for your birthday. I couldn’t think of anything else I would have rather been doing. Its so amazing to see how she’s grown. And look, I did her hair πŸ˜€

So we headed to East Japanese restaurant that night for some sushi. Let me tell y’all about my sushi experience. The first time I went to East Japanese was with my hubby for my birthday several years ago. I like to think that I have an adventurous palate so I ordered some ceviche thing while hubby went safely with his shrimp tempura. Welllllllll…..the hubby gracefully switched dishes with me when I couldn’t handle the raw seafood. Since then I’ve not been to quick to jump on the sushi train. Recently I went to Cocoro and it was really touch and go. I didn’t leave there with a burning desire to dive deeper into sushi land, but I was excited about East because it’s supposed to be the best.

Our appetizers:

Green Salad


Fried cheese and crab

Shrimp Shumai

Mine was the crab. There I go being all adventurous again. My first bite was “mmmmm this isn’t so bad” and like my 5th bite was “uhm….is this crab cooked? 0_O” It wasn’t such a good time. I gave away much of it. The hijiki (?) seaweed was great. Had a lovely nutty flavour. The shrimp dumpling shumai thing was just ok. Then it was time for the main course:

Red Dragon

Barbecue Eel


Well…mine was pretty safe. I had the Red Dragon with cooked shrimp and fish eggs I believe on top…that red stuff. I still couldn’t finish it, but it was the best tasting to me. The eel wasn’t so bad either, but that raw salmon stuff OMG. It’s really a mind over matter thing I think I need to get over. When I tried one, the flavour wasn’t so bad but I couldn’t get over the texture…I couldn’t even bring myself to swallow what I thought was the salmon in my mouth but when I took it out it was just a piece of the seaweed wrap. Sushi’s just not my thing…

The laughter kept coming all night long. These crazy people. I had so much fun! But! The birthday didn’t end there! Remember I said I wanted to go to the beach?

I’m still not quite done getting all the sand out her hair. My birthday was amazing. Thanks to my friends! Especially KJ who’s really been there for me this past year like she doesn’t even know. πŸ™‚

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