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Winner Announced: Win three months at Express Fitness Jamaica!!!

I promised to let y’all know who won today and here I am announcing it at the last hour because it was really difficult to select a winner! I went back and forth about it and because I knew some of the entrants personally, I could feel it swaying my decision so I asked a few people to help me select. They all narrowed it down to my top three as well. I wanted to reward someone who was already doing it on their own, someone who had already made progress and needed an extra push! With that said, I’m happy to announce the winner is:


I’ll be in contact to let you know how to collect your prize! I made notes on everyone’s comments below so you can see how close you all truly came! Thanks for participating everyone! Look out for the next Irie Giveaway!!!

Ever since I started to post about green smoothies, natural hair and an overall healthy lifestyle, a lot of people have tweeted, facebooked and even emailed me to let me know how inspired they are to try a green smoothie or to make better health choices. It has truly been amazing and I’ve been overwhelmed by all the love and support I’ve received from people who were reading this blog when I was just chatting about munchkin to new people who have visited for one reason and stayed for many more. If you remember when this blog was called and have been around since then, then much love to you!ย 

As I try to take this blog to the next level, building readership and community here, I wanted to also thank you for doing what you all do, commenting, sharing posts on your Facebook walls and twitter feeds, and so I reached out to my gym to see if they were interested in sponsoring a giveaway here. Whaddya know, they were elated! Express Fitness Jamaica is a new chain of 24 hour gyms with locations all over the island. They have several perks that made me choose them when I thought it was time to add weight training to my regimen. For one, you’re able to use any one of their locations once you’re a member. Currently, I go to the one in the New Kingston Shopping Center, but they’re opening one in Liguanea and one in Manor Park very soon. These three locations are close enough to me and I love that. I can pick which one is more convenient based on traffic and time of day. They also have one in Negril, and others along the coasts. Not that I can see myself going to the gym if I’m down in the land of rum and sun, but, I should. Also, the price. Gyms are not exactly cheap in Jamaica, I gather they’re not very cheap anywhere but Express Fitness has a great price! It’s almost half of what I would pay at the premiere gym in Kingston and even less than half of some of the higher-end ones. It’s not the cheapest there is but for the amenities, it’s definitely the best value for my money.

Giving away a gym membership is right inline with the values of my new lifestyle. Make better choices, exercise, stay healthy. It’s not about crash dieting to lose weight, it’s about incorporating healthier choices in life forever. No juice fasts for a week and then back to the drive through lifestyle. No. We’re in this for the long haul. We’re staying cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity free. So here’s a generous prize to anyone that’s as committed as I am! A three month membership to Express Fitness Jamaica!

How do you enter? Simple! Leave a comment below telling me of the changes you’ve made so far towards a healthier lifestyle, what brought on this change and why you want to win this. Please make sure it’s a prize you’ll use! No slacking off. :/

Want more chances to win? Like the Express Fitness Facebook Page and follow them on twitter, as well as like my own facebook page and follow me on twitter, then send out the following tweet:

I entered the @IrieDiva giveaway for a chance to win 3 months at @exp_fitnessja! Enter hereย

Doing that gives you an extra entry! The competition will be open from today until this Saturday, October 27th when I’ll choose one winner for this prize! It’s not a random winner, I’ll be judging based on your comments. I am judge and jury and my decision is final. Sooooooooo let me hear it! Good luck!!!!! And thank you all for your support over the years, I’ve been in this blogging game since 2007!


If you’re overseas you can still enter and then transfer the prize to someone here in Jamaica. A BIG thanks to Express Fitness for this!

EDIT: extending the contest for another week since Hurricane Sandy spoiled the festivities.

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25 thoughts on “Winner Announced: Win three months at Express Fitness Jamaica!!!

  1. In March of this year, I was given a frightening reality – though only 35, I was at a high risk of heart disease based on my cholesterol numbers. I knew I didn’t have the healthiest diet but I avoided fast food, hardly ate fried foods, just about never drank sodas. This was like a slap in the face.

    When I researched the numbers, the greatest contributor seemed to be excess calories – I was eating way more than I was burning. Immediately, I changed my eating habits to eat more fruits and vegetables and cut out grains and refined sugars (following the Primal lifestyle). Combined with a dedicated home exercise program (I had no money to pay for a gym membership) consisting of yoga and BodyRock routines online, I launched a healthier lifestyle. 3 months later, my cholesterol numbers were halved and my risk level dropped to Borderline high.

    Besides the effect on my cholesterol levels, I lost 15 pounds, eliminated my chronic sinus problems, reduced the number of headaches and joint pains, and got rid of the midday post-lunch slump.

    So why with all of that would I need to add a gym membership? The combination of a safe and convenient location to do some cardio exercise to start building my cardiovascular strength and endurance, with the ability to add some structured weight training to my current routine. These are the missing pieces to get me to my healthiest self.

    1. your progress so far is truly amazing! you were a shoo in really for me until the last couple days when i got some other great inspiring comments, i see your recipes on twitter and know that soon you WILL be at your healthiest self! continue to inspire!

  2. Your determination to acquire a healthier life style has been extremely motivating and having been around your blogging exploits from 2007 until now, I have a good insight on how far and long this fight has been raging. Victory is not in the battles but it is in the out come of the war and this war looks like it is over. You are clearly winning. You just continue posting the results of your battles, and keep on allowing us to see and experience the spoils of your many victories and loses, with this info I am sure you will develop more than just a community, you will create a movement. Good going and keep it.

  3. So, aside from winning 3 month gym membership – I’ve always trolled your blog and I’ve tried out a few of your recipes (me and my nephew addicted to the banana ice cream, I make it for him whenever I go home, he’s 18 months) – this is an excellent good idea.

    I’ve always been big, but now I’m at my biggest ever, and after surgery last year for back issues, getting my weight under control has never been more important. I don’t want to say I’m jealous of your journey (tho I am!) but I figure if I get and keep my weight under control, when I do have children, I’ll be better off in the long run, and stave off high blood pressure, diabetes and other maladies that come along with being severely overweight.

    I’ve already cut out red meat almost ten years now and my only vices are milk chocolates, donuts, poptarts, sweets, etc. And you know, actually exercising. I go to the beach now and then, I walk up and down my stairs and I do jumping jacks in my bedroom. I drink water almost everyday, and I eat my veggies for every meal. Haven’t weighed since my surgery but I need to be 60lbs lighter than when I woke up this morning!!

    1. CJ…cut down on some of those vices man thats a long list lol. my vice is alcohol, not really willing to give it up, love me a cocktail. i’ve just cut down on the frequency. other than that i’ve managed to say no 9/10 times to sweets with my eye on the prize cause im determined to get there. if i can shun my hell of a sweet tooth i kno you can too! go go go!!! good luck on your journey! im right here with you

  4. I’m a Mom of 2 kids (6 yrs and 1yr 7 months)and I have found that my energy levels just aren’t keeping up with the kids. The changes I have made are the food choices and quantities. More fruit and vegetables, going vegan 3 times per week and eating from a smaller plate. Also giving the kids about 2 hours outdoor playtime and getting really involved. I threw out my scale ages ago so no idea what I weigh but recently got a hug from someone I hadn’t seen in 3 months and was told that I have lost weight. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. when i go outside with munchkin she plays, i watch, ugh… i admire you lol. the green smoothies help a lot with my energy levels tho! green fuel!

  5. LOVe!!! that you have all this info on keeping healthy at home! i tried almost everything to lose weight but never thought of some of the things you have on your blog! def gonna try those green shakes *wish me luck* #0 pounds to lose…hope this works!

    PS. Hope i win = D

  6. In fall 2010, I was in a car accident and was having persistent problems with my neck and lower back which caused me to stop going to the gym and working out. Since then I’ve been quite slack using my sporadic pain as an excuse. People are usually confused by my small stature and don’t think I need to go to the gym, but working out is detrimental to keeping a healthy heart and maintaining a healthy weight and strength to avoid future pain and damage to my neck and back.

    I’ve gone on raw food diets, juice sporadically and even go through no meat/vegetarian diets, but need to start being consistent!

    1. this is very true some slim ppl are not healthy at all because of their diet! i envy their metabolism though, wont lie hehe. consistency is so the key, i havent been to the gym since sandy came through and i am dreading the first day back. those pains after accidents are no joke, my hub suffers with one that will never go away it seems. thanks so much for entering!

  7. Three years ago i started going to the gym , my intention?? to lose weight. I went to the gym consistently but didn’t lose much according to the scale.
    Last yr December, was the last of my gym membership and i have not set foot back in a gym since then. In January of this year, i started changing my diet, cutting out carbs,but it wasn’t until about June ( i think) i did a detox regimen and realised that without correct dieting exercising alone won’t cut it. After the juice diet, i dramatically changed my diet, being totally conscious about what i put in my body.Started making some of those smoothies that you posted on your blog. Even my phone has seen some of the changes in my life,as i started to flood it with fitness apps. One of my favourite app is myfitnesspal. With this app your able to count calories, record what you eat along with recording your exercise. Through it all i have managed to put off 53 pounds, yessir, all of 53 pounds. My main method of exercise is cardio (running/walking). Now that i have started to get smaller, i know its time for me to get back into strength training. I am gonna be honest, financially i am unable to pay for gym membership now. So for now i must continue to do cardio, but i now have a quite a bit of “loose skin” because i need to start tightening up.

    This is why i think i deserve this membership, i have worked very hard over the last couple pf months to take the pounds off. The final icing to my cake is to tone these loose ends and until i am able to do it financially, i will remain with these “loose skin” ( :-/). I have also been an avid follower of your blog and your weightloss story. Which i must say i have found very inspirational and it has helped me along with my journey.

    So Iriediva, make my wish come through to get rid of this “looseness”

    1. Juds! 53lbs?!?!?!?!? girl that is an inspiration!! congrats!!!!!!! girl i have that loose skin on my belly and i fear its going nowhere without a knife ๐Ÿ™ you were so close but i had to give this one to sasha, i know you’ve got this down you’re so much better at this than me! i’m right here with you!!!

      1. Awwww man bummed i didn’t win, but i am with u on the Sasha decision. That gym membership will definitely boost her more. Just remind her Sash to continue to focus on her diet. That really goes a long weigh with helping the weight change. i know this trust *sips on almond milk smoothie*

  8. Hey Irie,

    This entry is not for me but for my aunt. She has always been a bit on the heavy side. For years she ate poorly, often using crash diets to try to get back on track and then going right back to the poor habits once the few pounds were shed. Finally in (about) 2010 she decided to do it the “right way”, cutting out junk significantly and exercising. Yes, she allowed herself cheat days every once in a while, but with new eating habits and assistance from a personal trainer she began to shed pounds and be much healthier. In the following year she got pregnant and as pregnancy does, she gained a lot of weight. Now with baby born she has tried significantly to lose the weight. She has gone back to her healthier diet (fruits/veggies and nuts as snacks, little fast food, different cooking methods, portion control etc). For her it’s not just about weight, it’s about trying to be a healthy example for her child. High blood pressure and stroke runs in the family and she is trying to take steps to prevent those things from now. However with a young baby at home it has been difficult to go to the gym because of money. Babies are expensive! Three months worth of membership would be a great boost to get her back on track. Plus I imagine that a 24 hour gym would make it easier to schedule workout times, so that is an added plus. This would be a great thing for her.

    1. Sasha coming through at the last moment with the steal!!! its inspiring to me that your aunt did it on her own after many years of fad dieting because it sounds so much like my own story and i cant imagine doing it finally and then having her little blessing blowing it all out the water lol… for that reason i and others agreed that your aunt deserves a boost to help get back in the saddle on becoming her healthiest self! please share the blog with her or at least some of my tips/recipes. maybe some of my smoothies will work for her, they’re perfect for busy moms on the go!

      1. oh, i expect to see her in the gym more than me! lol i really wanted to give this to someone who will really use it so i hope she’s ready to be a gym bunny ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Oh ma gaaaaash! I am so happy LOL. You’d think it was for me. Is it stupid that me have tears of joy? Lol. I’m waking her up to tell her (time difference). Thank You ๐Ÿ™‚ I won’t allow her to waste it.

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