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I promised to let y’all know who won today and here I am announcing it at the last hour because it was really difficult to select a winner! I went back and forth about it and because I knew some of the entrants personally, I could feel it swaying my decision so I asked a few people to help me select. They all narrowed it down to my top three as well. I wanted to reward someone who was already doing it on their own, someone who had already made progress and needed an extra push! With that said, I’m happy to announce the winner is:


I’ll be in contact to let you know how to collect your prize! I made notes on everyone’s comments below so you can see how close you all truly came! Thanks for participating everyone! Look out for the next Irie Giveaway!!!

Ever since I started to post about green smoothies, natural hair and an overall healthy lifestyle, a lot of people have tweeted, facebooked and even emailed me to let me know how inspired they are to try a green smoothie or to make better health choices. It has truly been amazing and I’ve been overwhelmed by all the love and support I’ve received from people who were reading this blog when I was just chatting about munchkin to new people who have visited for one reason and stayed for many more. If you remember when this blog was called and have been around since then, then much love to you!ย 

As I try to take this blog to the next level, building readership and community here, I wanted to also thank you for doing what you all do, commenting, sharing posts on your Facebook walls and twitter feeds, and so I reached out to my gym to see if they were interested in sponsoring a giveaway here. Whaddya know, they were elated! Express Fitness Jamaica is a new chain of 24 hour gyms with locations all over the island. They have several perks that made me choose them when I thought it was time to add weight training to my regimen. For one, you’re able to use any one of their locations once you’re a member. Currently, I go to the one in the New Kingston Shopping Center, but they’re opening one in Liguanea and one in Manor Park very soon. These three locations are close enough to me and I love that. I can pick which one is more convenient based on traffic and time of day. They also have one in Negril, and others along the coasts. Not that I can see myself going to the gym if I’m down in the land of rum and sun, but, I should. Also, the price. Gyms are not exactly cheap in Jamaica, I gather they’re not very cheap anywhere but Express Fitness has a great price! It’s almost half of what I would pay at the premiere gym in Kingston and even less than half of some of the higher-end ones. It’s not the cheapest there is but for the amenities, it’s definitely the best value for my money.

Giving away a gym membership is right inline with the values of my new lifestyle. Make better choices, exercise, stay healthy. It’s not about crash dieting to lose weight, it’s about incorporating healthier choices in life forever. No juice fasts for a week and then back to the drive through lifestyle. No. We’re in this for the long haul. We’re staying cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity free. So here’s a generous prize to anyone that’s as committed as I am! A three month membership to Express Fitness Jamaica!

How do you enter? Simple! Leave a comment below telling me of the changes you’ve made so far towards a healthier lifestyle, what brought on this change and why you want to win this. Please make sure it’s a prize you’ll use! No slacking off. :/

Want more chances to win? Like the Express Fitness Facebook Page and follow them on twitter, as well as like my own facebook page and follow me on twitter, then send out the following tweet:

I entered the @IrieDiva giveaway for a chance to win 3 months at @exp_fitnessja! Enter hereย

Doing that gives you an extra entry! The competition will be open from today until this Saturday, October 27th when I’ll choose one winner for this prize! It’s not a random winner, I’ll be judging based on your comments. I am judge and jury and my decision is final. Sooooooooo let me hear it! Good luck!!!!! And thank you all for your support over the years, I’ve been in this blogging game since 2007!


If you’re overseas you can still enter and then transfer the prize to someone here in Jamaica. A BIG thanks to Express Fitness for this!

EDIT: extending the contest for another week since Hurricane Sandy spoiled the festivities.

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