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This weekend had back to back black, white and mint for me. I love this combo and I’m happy both black and white and mint are trending right now. The first outfit is two pieces I’ve had in my closet for a minute now and thought to throw them together on Friday night. You’ve seen this peplum skirt here before and I decided to give it a run on a little skin tease I’ve been obsessed with lately. I’m loving the high-waist, crop top trend as well so that was really my intention. I started out something like this


Decided that the waist band was looking a little too tight for this look and so maybe I should just play it safe and avoid any possible muffin topping. 

20130201_223404 20130201_223830

I was really pleased with the overall look, totally loved this combo. My makeup for the night, my powder is too light, I’m having a hard time finding one that doesn’t wash me out when camera flash comes into play.


Don’t worry, I rubbed and blended more before I left my house. Somehow I didn’t take any pictures once out so you could see the entire look. :/Anyway, the following night I did it all over again in a different way. This outfit started in my head with a piece of white satin fabric with black polka-dots that I’ve had for the longest while wanting to make something out of. I played around with it a bit, decided on a design in my head and told myself I’d dedicate sometime on Saturday before the event to put it all together. I went to a store in search of a crop top to wear with my creation and found a fabulous black and white hounds-tooth top that changed my design all together. I also tried a skirt in the same store that was adorable, but I had a hard time spending money to purchase what I knew I could whip up in 30 minutes if only my machine was working. I decided to still tackle the project by hand. Did I mention I had a three-year-old party planned that same day? I was taking supermom to next levels, smh.

I never did get to finish it perfectly, but unfinished hem and all I ran out the door and made my way:

IMG-20130202-WA0009 IMG-20130202-WA0010 20130202_215158

Absolutely love this look as well! I had plans to do another split in the skirt as the two side split is really hot right now. Also had a slightly different plan for the waist to play a little peekaboo with some tummy but I just left it alone and ran out the house. I played around with the idea of wearing just some little hot pants under the sheer a la Beyonce, but who am I kidding lol

Two black, white and mint looks. Are you digging this trend as much as I am?

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