IrieDiva’s Oscar 2014 Fashion Hits and Misses

It’s been a while since I did a post of this nature but so many of the dresses made me want to comment that I just had to fire up the computer and jot down a few words. I have to start off with Lupita Nyong’o, she’s at the tip of everyone’s tongue now and was absolutely stunning, the belle of the ball indeed. It makes me hope that she continues to rise in her field as all this buzz is surely a grand entrance!

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Apparently there was a bit of chatter over her headband. Well, I love this look! Everything about it. Yes, I too now want a #NairobiBlue gown with a sparkling headband. She #slaaays! I hope this makes young girls everywhere who are struggling with their skin colour as Lupita admits she did when she was younger, see that they are beautiful as they are and that they too can achieve their dreams. I hope we stop looking on our dark skinned sisters and brothers as less than beautiful, stop cracking the jokes and stop giving them a hard time only to turn around and worship at their feet when they’re on top. We’re all beautiful beings who can achieve anything we want with just a little bit of love.



Slaaaaay Jada slay! I read somewhere recently that Jada put on 8-10 pounds and bwoy it’s made such a difference. Her face is soft and beautiful and not as hard as before and this delicate dress compliments her new girlyness so much! I absolutely love it and as a die-hard fan of both her and her man, I had to put her on my best dressed list.


Yaaaaaaassssss! You go Kate! I am not a fan of anything with a cape and with the takeover of delicate white, cream, blush pink and champagne coloured dresses that were a dime a dozen on the Oscar 2014 fashion red carpet I still had to admit that Kate Hudson shut it down with this look. Shut. It. Down.


I must admit that I have no clue who Rachel Smith is but her strapless black mermaid dress with side swept hair made me stop and stare. Gorgeous.


Finally, I have to put Portia de Rossi on my list for this gown. The cutouts make it so interesting that I couldn’t just scroll pass. I love it, are you feeling it?

Now, with the good comes the bad and I have a few fashion tickets to issue to the following persons.


Kerry Washington, my Scandal Queen, you are giving me Olivia Nope in this dress. Why it crush so? Why it look like you use Rihanna doobie wrap bedazzled hairpin to hold up di piece a cloth weh you drape round you good good body? I can’t get with this dress. You know what you shoulda wear?


Dis frock dat Chrissy have on think she a go a garden party, a it yuh shoulda inna. A it yuh did fi rock and mek Chrissy put on a nice sleek gown and stop wid di foolinish. Chrissy yuh sandals nice doa. And yuh hairstyle. And yuh man, a beg him come sing All of Me fi me deh wid him military hairstyle.

Back to a language that my foreign folks can read and understand.


I love Charlize Theron. She is usually red carpet gold. But these nude straps make the dress look like it stops in mid air and I am not feeling it at all. Nope. The top of the black straps should have had a more interesting design to pull this off. Here, it really just looks like some cheap plastic straps on one of those “invisible bras.” Nope.


Last but not least, I’m gonna have to cite miss Viola Davis. Firstly, I’m not a fan of the shape of the dress. The mid region ain’t flattering. I’m begging for a sideshot to see if she’s preggers. Secondly, what’s with the wig maam? You wore your natural hair so elegantly on red carpets all around and have not since been able to pull of a wig that’s flattering to your face. I understand the need to pull out a different look every now and then Viola *cough* Druscilla *cough* but, I’m gonna need you to find one that actually looks good. Thanks.

What was your take on the Oscar 2014 Red Carpet? Who was best and worst dressed for you?


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  1. You sure made me chuckle here. I love Nupita and the fact that she is a phenomenal beautiful lady with class, that dress did not pass the test. I have to say I have seen her in much better dresses. Congrats to her for her talent & the Oscar. Well chile, now mi disagree wid yu; Charlize Theron’s dress was the Best! So glad we can have this convo. .LOL!

  2. true Neti this wasn’t her best dress of the season but she did look good man. Mi love the blue gone to bed. But yes, i love the healthy moutings cah mi nuh like Charlize frock at all LOL chat bout