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Recently, I went crazy on Forever 21. (I bet Charlotte Russe is wishing they accepted intl cards) I should do some sort of haul vlog to show y’all what I got. I’m so elated at all my pretty new dresses! And to think…I have nowhere to go

Lemme tell y’all. I gave F21 a breeze for the longest while because every time I went on their website, their stuff just kinda looked drab to me. Whenever I visit the US, I always go there to get some basics and then move on in search of fashionable items in other stores. Their website was nothing exciting like some of my other favourite sites and back then neither was the store. But recently some of my favourite fashion bloggers have been citing pieces from their various outfit posts as being from F21 and I’m like…for real? I took a look and what do you know…my wishlist filled up SO fast. What I love about F21 now is that you can really get some cute pieces that you can mix and match, dress up or down, and save a pretty penny to splurge on something that’ll last you longer than a summer dress….like say some shoes or a good purse.

This is one of the dresses I delegated to daytime. It’s really versatile, from simply errands, to out for lunch with my gal pals. If I had a meeting to go to I’d slap on a belt, some fierce violet or grey pumps and my grey purse. I love that lacing on the back too…

It has pockets, way down at the hem…don’t ask me why they bothered but her, I love pockets 🙂

I’ll do better at accessorizing and photographing said accessories in my future outfit posts… I gave accessories on a whole a breeze when I left my day job (and after the heartbreak of not being able to wear costume earrings anymore for fear of rotting my ears off) but now that I’m doing more outfit posts I’ll bring ’em back out, if even just for photos. 😀

Do you like my new dress? How can I jazz it up?  Should I do a haul video showing everything I got?

Dress – Forever 21, Sandals – ALDO, Necklace – Titanium Chain

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