The title matches the post in no way except that it is Sunday morning as I write this post, chilling on my couch. I bought this cute little dress from Target to do exactly what I did in it, run around town doing errands.I love how easy breezy it is, sure thing to keep me cool on these hot Jamaican days and I love the black and white pattern, makes it east for me to punch it up with some colour if I feel like.

What I don’t get about it is the size…someone want to explain “Juniors sizing” to me? I clicked around on Target for a bit and couldn’t find a size chart in the allotted attention span. I only ordered one “junior” dress to check the fit. I’m gonna guess it’s meant for teens? Pre-teens? I’m too lazy this Sunday morning to do any googling. Anyhoo it turned out perfectly…

Red lips would prolly make this look pop more but these pics were taken when I just got it…I’m not a fan of much daytime makeup whatsoever much less red lips…to run errands…. :\

Munchkin was snazzy in her little romper and flip-flops too, also from Target 😀


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