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Over the weekend I went to the Miss Jamaica World pageant to support my beautiful cousin Liane who was a contestant. It was also one of my best friend’s birthdays so I needed an outfit that could take me from pageant to party. I pulled this dress from my racks that was a plain colour with intent on using different shoe choices to jazz up my different looks.

Love this dress. I even had reservations about putting it up on the blog cus this is far from the last time I’ll be wearing it! I paired it with animal print on my belt and my shoes and glammed it up with some bling. I almost didn’t wear the necklace because the neckline of the dress is already fussy but…I love this necklace 😀

Tried to do a blue smoky eye…think I did an ok job. I am a total clutz when it comes to makeup…I watched a few vid tutorials and said meh….I ain’t got time.

Me and my dear friend Ryan. Li didn’t make it past the top 10…or 12 rather…but she did exceptionally well and I’m so proud of her. Her response to her “Get to know me” segment of what she would say to Bob Marley if he were alive today had the crowd’s loud applause.

Congrats to Danielle Crosskill, she’s a beautiful girl, wishing her all the best on the big stage.

Scooted out to Absinthe’s 6th Anniversary party to celebrate my friend’s birthday. Changed my heels into my pewter ALDO flats and got ready to boogie down. It was such a good party, as always…we got white boy wasted and I got home with the sun. Me and my girl Tami after one or two too many drinks.

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