According to this website and Joy Behar of The View. Whether or not she actually is, I think her weight loss has been amazing and she is an inspiration to me on my own journey since she maintains that she did it all without surgery. At her highest weight it seems she was something around a size 22. While I am currently a 12, coming from a 16 which is my highest,  I relate a lot with the reasons she puts forward of wanting to be healthy for her child. I have 3 or 4 equally important reasons why I want to lose weight and living a healthy lifestyle with my family is definitely one of them. 

Jenifer Hudson has never really been a style icon to me. These two looks above were two of the betterones from the google image search, both dresses I would wear now…love them. Well, I wouldnt wear the top one exactly, I’m conscious about my arms, but I have a dress that is low cut and has that twist in the waist area as well. But mine has sleeves. and I have that blue dress in a purple.One of my favourites. She rarely knocks it out of the park for me but ever since losing the weight she’s been making better choices and I can’t wait to be able to wear skin tight dresses like these. I wonder if her skin is nice and tight or does she still wear spanx?


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