Join the Caribbean blog facebook group

Join the Caribbean Blog Facebook Group

Hey fellow bloggers, if you happen to be a Caribbean blogger or write for a Caribbean blog, I have the perfect Facebook group for you.

As a Caribbean blogger, I know that there’s value in networking with like-minded people. Actually, this goes for any career or passion of yours, as the saying goes in Jamaica, links run the place. This is even more literal for a blogger than you’d think. We need to link with each other to grow our blog network and audience so I thought I’d take the bull by the horn and create another hub for us to be able to do just that.

Join the Caribbean blog facebook group

The Caribbean Blog Facebook Group

There are times when I may write a post for this blog that connects better with a Caribbean audience that understands where I’m coming from and exactly what I mean. This group is for networking with them and growing a regional base of blog audience and supporters.

My post on my trip to Trinidad Carnival, for instance, drew attention from a Trini audience who gave me a few tips to make my next experience better. If that audience were around beforehand, I bet my trip there would have been even better. Or if I were already following a Trini blogger, I could have reached out to them for tips and advice. Then maybe we could have done a collab post because link sharing is so necessary for SEO link building.

Outside of that, inside the group is the opportunity for us to make friends with others who understand the struggle of being a blogger with a largely US audience even though we’re blogging from the outside. The US is our neighbour and therefore a lot of our traffic comes from them, however, a lot of the opportunities for bloggers aren’t extended to us. Still, we find our ways to push through and drive tons of traffic and opportunities to our blog through more unconventional methods.

Strength in Unity

I’m really hoping that this group can be a great source of support for us as we share all the resources that we use to make our blogs better and learn from each other. It will give us the opportunity to boost each other’s posts and numbers as well follow each other on social media and keep up with each other’s blogs through daily link sharing opportunities.

Some of us are far more advanced in the blogging game than others and so it’s also an opportunity to learn the blogging game from more experienced bloggers who are making a living from their blogs. In the group, I’ve already shared the tool I used to make this video for my blog post that could be a game changer for driving blogging engagement.

I’ve also met some very cool people blogging about lives very similar to mine here in Jamaica even though they’re in a different country. I hope you’ll come and join us if you’re a blogger in the Caribbean as well.

Who is the group for?

The Caribbean blog group is for those who blog from inside the Caribbean, whether you are from the Caribbean or not. This means if you’re a student or expat for instance and you now live in the Caribbean and have a blog we welcome you to join. We also welcome those bloggers outside of the Caribbean who are of Caribbean descent. Though it depends on what you blog about, generally if your blog stays true to your Caribbean roots in any way then you’re also welcome to join.

That means if you’re a food blogger for instance with a number of Caribbean recipes because you’re from the Caribbean or your family lives there, then you’re welcomed to join. There are a million other facebook groups for the average blogger, I really want to keep this one close to the fabric of our Caribbean topics and experiences. So don’t feel no way if you identify as a Bajan with a fashion blog but there’s no Caribbean content on your blog at all. I can link you up to a bunch of Facebook groups for fashion bloggers if you’d like.

The Link to Join + Pinterest Group Board

The link to join the Caribbean blog Facebook group is here. Please share this post with your Caribbean blogging friends far and wide so that they’ll join too! I also have a Pinterest group board for Caribbean bloggers. The rules for the group board aren’t as tight. So US-Bajan blogger with a very non-Caribbean blog is still welcomed to join the Pinterest group board as a Caribbean sista! You just can’t sit with us. You don’t know our struggles! 😀

Find the Group Board here, the instructions to join the board are in the board’s description.

If you’re not a blogger I would really appreciate if you shared this post on your favourite social media channels so we can find all Caribbean bloggers near and far. Let’s connect with each other and build!

Join the Caribbean blog facebook groupJoin the Caribbean blog facebook group


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