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Every time I hop in my car to go hit up the streets and throw a few back with my friends I have one thought on my mind. Suppose something happens to me? It is enough to make me not want to go out. It’s enough to make me a house-rat, ask any of my friends when was the last time they saw me out and about. It’s been a while. And when it does happen I’m always home by midnight, my little munchkin has instituted a curfew on momma. I am not a worry-wart or anything of the sort, but I am mama and only mama knows best and I think about these things often when we’re not together.  No one would love her like I love her. No one can. Sometimes I think I’m being so selfish wanting to go out and leave her home.

But if I stay home all the time with my child she will drive me crazy. Welcome to the wonderful world of toddler-dom. Loooooong gone are the days of cute coochi-coochi coo oohing and aahing! She is a full-on terrible 2 at the ripe old age of 16 months. She’s incredible. She’s a magnet, a sponge, a mirror and a mimic. She’s so independent and wordy and attitudy and demanding and energetic! Just trying to get her to go to sleep at night is a task and a half. I love it that she insists on lying right next to me, I can dig it…but ask me why she has to lie on my nose or sit on my chest? She rolls around sometimes as long as an hour before she’s finally settled enough to fall asleep.

She’s amazing though. She’s so super smart. I’m amazed by the way she never holds a book wrong. You give it to her upside down and she spins it right around. She picks up new words quickly and sings all her favourite theme songs or at least one line quite well, well enough for me to know what she’s singing. If I ask her if she’s hungry she darts off to the kitchen with a quick look behind to see if you’re following and a pretend whiny face if you’re not. She’s a little superstar and she’s heading into amazing heights I just know it. I’ma have to get her an agent.

Her dad is real proud of her too, I know how much he loves her. He’s very hands-on and involved. As involved as he can be. I hate that we live in separate countries but when they are together, she’s the centre of his universe and his whole lifestyle changes to accommodate that.

I was really trying to wait until 18 months to write this munchkin update but my BabyCenter email came today and it said something about no more baby in the house and I was like chile you aint never lied. Those babycenter newsletters are always on point. If I could, I would have another baby right now. I’d really love to have both kids close in age, tie off the baby making factory and get back to being smexy but that ain’t happening. As I’m sitting here watching reruns of The Game, Kelly and her munchkin “brit-brat” are having pedis together. How cute! I can’t wait! Well…I can….there’s no rush for me to get old or anything. You know what I mean.

Did I mention her energy levels? I still can’t master the art of snapping the smile before she’s off and up to no good, I offer exhibit A: 

You gotta love her right! She keeps me on my toes. Love her to pieces!

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