IrieDiva and Kabaka Pyramid

Kabaka Pyramid on Unity, Touring, Chik V and Ebola

IrieDiva and Kabaka Pyramid

I had the pleasure of sitting with Kabaka Pyramid recently and chatting about everything from living the vegan life while on tour, his hip-hop days in high school, his decision to become Rastafarian and his recent bout with the chikungunya virus. It was a blast and he surely turned me into a fan. His recent performance at Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records where he shared the stage with Protoje, Jesse Royal, I-Wayne, Chronixx and countless other “new wave” reggae artistes was an awesomely good time.

In the interview we talk about his Mona upbringing, his time a Campion High School, his short stint working in a call center in Florida, Coming back to Jamaica to start working in his studio that he built with his band and production team Bebble Rock music and so much more. He shares why he thinks chikungunya isn’t spread by mosquitos alone and the propaganda surrounding the Ebola crisis in Africa. I asked him to comment on the state of reggae in Jamaica following Richie Stephens’ statement that Jamaican reggae artistes are in trouble and he had his own take on that. Please let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this interview!

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