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Hello, Irie people! I’ve got a wicked review today of a couple beaded bracelets I received from the gracious folks over at Kilem Kollectibles. I’ve also got a discount code for you to cop yours so I hope you enjoy! Their stone bead bracelets are so gorgeous!


Kilem Kollectibles Stone Bead Bracelet

I LOVE bead jewellery. I have dabbled in it when my creative juices get going because I think they are so fun! Anything beaded is a great way to jazz up an outfit with colour and can totally take an outfit to the next level. They’re so versatile that they can also be very demure and sophisticated too! It just depends on the type of bead you choose. I decided to go with lava beads with stones and with a full stone bracelet.

Peacock Dragon Agate Stone Beaded Bracelet

Kilem Kollectibles Peacock Dragon Agate Stone Bead Bracelet Review


According to their websitePeacock Dragon Agate stones come in varying shades of orange, yellow and green, but is distinctly recognized by the green veining in them. It would seem that each stone is unique enough that wearing two or more would create a complex yet complementary stack.I also like their idea of placing on in a stack of differing bracelets to add a pop of colour like I did when I mixed it into some beaded bracelets I already own.

Rainbow Stone Lava Beaded Bracelets

Rainbow Stone Bracelet with Lava Beads Review Kilem Kollectibles

These beaded bracelets are absolutely beautiful and come with a bit of aromatherapy function too! If you’re into that. These are genuine Basaltic Lava Beads which can absorb your favourite essential oils allowing you to enjoy their aromatherapeutic properties all day long. The beads come with a whole booklet about various essential oils for you to read up on. You can decide which mood you’re in and mix up a batch of good vibes to take with you every day! I’m definitely going to mix up a batch of their creative awakening recipe which is rosemary oil, cedarwood oil and frankincense oil. This is to unlock my inner wisdom, intuition and passion! According to the booklet, that is. 🙂

Multiple Size Stone Beaded Bracelets

Rainbow Stone Beaded Bracelets with Lava Beads Review Kilem Kollectibles

Another thing I love about the Kilem Kollectibles stone bead bracelet is that some of them come in different sizes. I like when my stack has one or two that falls a little further down on my wrist. A wider size allows for that. If you look closely on the first picture in this post, you’ll get an idea of how I like my stacks to look. You can see it in the picture above as well. The bracelet with multicoloured stones is wider than the top bracelet and gives me the look I love. Some of the stones also come in different sizes themselves, adding complexity to your stack if you like.

If you’re liking Kilem Kollectibles so far, then definitely head over to their website to check out more awesome beaded jewellery and receive 15% off your purchase with code IRIEDIVA

Are you loving them as much as I am? Here’s video of me talking about them pus my next major project 😉

Review and discount code! Rainbow Stone Bracelet with Lava Beads by Kilem Kollectibles

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