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MJW Beach Beauty 2011 Liane Chung

MJW Beach Beauty 2011 Liane Chung

So Imagine us at one end of Jamaica having the time of our lives in Portland, when my aunt sends out a broadcast alerting us of the Miss Jamaica World fast track competition being held at the other end of the island the next day. I had to go! One, I knew Liane had this one in the bag. She’s been in the gym long before this competition started and has done very well on that gorgeous bod! So inspiring!

Secondly, it was at Grand Palladium, a 5 star resort, and they were offering a spectacular discount for those coming in for this comp. I couldn’t resist. I asked hubby and he was game to make the 5, maybe 6 hour drive depending on stops and traffic and such. I was so excited! We left Frenchman’s Cove after the resort’s less than appetizing breakfast at about 9 am…later than we should have for such a long journey ahead but I was in no rush. We were on vacation!

St. Mary Coastline

We got a chance to check out the scenery again on this side of the island. One that hubby says is new to him and one I see far too little of. Our island is truly breathtaking. Munchkin slept for the first part of the trip making this a little less hassle than I expected. No one likes to be strapped into a seat for hours and she is no different. We stopped halfway through our drive in Ocho Rios for food at the Ocho Rios Jerk Center. I had the Jerk Chicken fried rice. It was great! A bit much though, the portion size was huge. Hubby had the jerk pork and though I’m not a big pork eater I loved it. The bammy and fries were way too oily but the pork was off the chain. Munchkin was having fun stretching her legs:


I drove for most of the latter of this part of the journey so that hubs could sit around back and entertain her or she would drive us crazy. When we got to the hotel I was reminded why I love a guest house or small hotel as opposed to a major hotel. Check in was a bitch. When we were checking in I got a broadcast from my aunt to say Li was in the top 5! The comp was going on right then. Bummer! In hindsight I should have just went straight down there first but I was kinda worn out after the drive. Hubby managed to get us bumped up to a junior suite or whatever they called it with the help of munchkin, a charming smile and the girl at the check in counter. Well…I’ll take it! The room was amazing and I knew that the drive and the wait would be worth it! I really wanted to catch the sunset if nothing else but with a bit of cloud cover this is all we got. Again, I’ll take it! #beautiful

We met up with Liane who I knew by now had won and snapped a couple pics

One look at the pics on her facebook page and you can see why she won this comp.That body is tight!

The hotel property was amazing! The infinity pool had an extremely shallow section that we convinced munchkin was ok for her to splash and play in and she relaxed and enjoyed herself in the pool.

We turned in to get ready for dinner which was buffet style. There was a jacuzzi as well as a standing shower in our bathroom. There was a jacuzzi in our bathroom. I’m just gonna leave that there for yah. Suffice to say I must have a jacuzzi in my future master bathroom.

At this point we’re now repeating clothes as this part of the trip was not planned at all but I’m so happy we went. Leaving out for dinner:


Looks like we made it nice and early for the buffet as quite a crowd gathered while we were eating. I must say that it seems all the other restaurants on property were not included in the package. There were something like $30 per person. If I had paid full price for the resort I may have been a little bummed about that. Maybe. Well…now that I think about it $30 is a great price for any of the options which I spotted ( Asian, Italian and Mediterranean were the restaurants I spotted) and I hear the service is inpeccable, you may even be serenaded….so its a small price to pay for being served instead of buffet style………I guess… Besides, I had breakfast, lunch and dinner at the buffet and while the food was amazing if I had to stay one more day I would have been tired of the choices at the buffet and wanting to try one of the restaurants at least for dinner. Remembering the impeccable food and service we had the night before at Hotel Mocking Bird Hill makes me think I would have paid premium after all. Plus somehow I doubt people who can afford 5 star on a regular are skimping!

We retired to the bar at the top of the steps for night caps at the end of the evening. Munchkin finally dozed off around 9 and we turned in not getting a chance to enjoy any of the different entertainment that was setting up in the restaurant or upstairs in the bar when we were leaving…but we made do…………………. 😀

The next morn hubby played his favourite sport with some of the other beach bums and munchkin and I walked around and explored the property.

That’s the adult only pool by the spa. Quite an impressive looking gym and spa from the outside but we didn’t hover since it was adults only.

Then we of course ended up back in the pool. 

It was an absolutely fantabulous time had by all. A great way to kick off my favourite time of year…hubby’s birthday coming up, my birthday not too far behind, then Christmas!!! Lots of new traditions to be made.



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