How I Became a Blog Coach

My Life as a Blog Coach: How Can I Help?

It’s always been a dream of mine to blog fulltime. Imagine a career where you set your own hours, do things that you’re passionate about, help other people to better their lives in some way and manage to make money while doing so. Lots of money. This is the life I have built for myself and continue to do so. And you can too.

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How I Became a Blog Coach

How I Became a Blog Coach

Did you know that this is my 461st blog post on That’s a whole lot of chatting. er…writing. And that doesn’t include those in the trash. What you don’t know is that this blog does not make me enough money to eat from because it launched when I had no clue how to blog for business and I was guessing and spelling. I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me to look up my own blog coach back then.

There are so many posts on this here blog that have been taken down because they simply add no value to anyone’s life. When I just started this blog, I was writing about my life. It was super personal and a lot of the time, very cringeworthy. Eventually, I evolved to writing about events in Jamaica and a healthier lifestyle. Natural hair, skin care, being a mommy and things of that nature. Along with my fashion posts of course. I love when I’m able to put together a new outfit and show you guys how to copy it.

And even though I’m beginning to make money from it now, it’s a slow trickle. So why do I feel qualified to be a blog coach if I’m not yet making loads of money from my own blog? Because I know how to set up a blog properly and get loads of traffic. I’m a quick learner and I’m taking a million courses right now to delve even deeper into the subject of blogging and the many facets it entails. Just on the surface, you’d be surprised how many people do not know the basics of setting up a blog.

Helping Beginner Bloggers

So while I’m not able to promise you that my coaching will help you to quit your job tomorrow, I can promise you that if you have a magnificent idea for a blog but you’re unsure how to set one up, I’m your girl. I’ve been through over 10 years of blogging already. That’s a lot of experience. That’s a lot of platforms, plugins and strategies tested. It’s not invalid experience that will get you nowhere. It’s experience that will give you the techie foundation that you need to back up your awesome idea.

And there’s definitely a market for that. I thought I had to wait until my blog was monetarily successful to begin blog coaching, but there are so many people who just want to know how to start their blog, what platforms to use and how to market it on social media and via SEO. They’ll take care of the rest. Well, I can do that. The beautiful thing about my blog coaching business is that you can see the proof of the pudding immediately on my new blog so it’s not like I’m not blindly coaching you. I’m implementing the same strategies I’m teaching you on a brand new blog. I’m getting it going from the ground up with zero followers and zero traffic and I intend to make it into a money-making machine.

About Bringing in More Traffic to Your Blog

I have a secret to tell you. My brand new blog, that’s a grand total of 3 days old, has almost the same page views as this blog. Yes! But OMG. I’m almost a little ashamed to admit that because it shows how poorly this old blog is doing. That shows me two things:

  1. People want help starting their blogs.
  2. I have not found my blog voice on this blog.

Now, remember, this old blog has been dormant all year long. That’s right. Before September 2017, the last post on this blog was in 2016’s last quarter. So even though this blog did much better than it’s currently doing in its heydey, it’s almost as if I’m starting over brand new here as well. I’m also going through my own personal transformation which you may have read about here, and that includes finding my lifestyle voice and broadening the scope of this blog from what it was before. It was very Jamaica-centric and though of course I love my island nation, I have many passions. One includes helping women to lead better lives. I’m passionate about that and want to include that much more here.


I say all that to say, come over to the new blog if you’re a blogger too and want to get help raising the standard of your blog to one that will either reach a broader audience or be profitable. Or both. Even if you don’t hire me as a blog coach, the new blog is already chock full of helpful information that you can use straight away to optimize your blog and I’m just getting started. Blogging is my passion and I could write on it for days upon days. As you will see!

I love that blogging is the number one list of hobbies that make money here. Maybe a life on the road in an RV or jet-setting is in my future too!

I would appreciate if you did two things, let me know what topics you would love to see me cover on this blog, and what problems you’re having as a blogger that you would love me to cover on BWM.

I’d also really really appreciate if you shared this post on your favourite social network! Thanks so much.

How I Became a Blog Coach

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