#ManicureMonday: Ombre Nails

If you were following my Instagram posts over the weekend, you would have seen me battle with an ombre nail application. It’s so easy to do that I wanted to slap myself when I failed miserably on the first attempt and then decided to go refresh my memory on youtube. SMH.

ombre nails

I have had this chartreuse colour forever and I’ve always wanted to mix it with something else. In fact, I’ve tried before to do a pink mix with it but it wasn’t such a good time. Then, the ombre trend started popping up and I watched a video on youtube some time ago and said to myself “that looks pretty easy” and then forgot all about it til it came time to do my nails this weekend and wanted something fun and funky for carnival. I thought I remembered the technique and of course just went ahead and did what I thought I remembered. Epic fail. See…it only takes a few minutes to watch a tut on youtube…but I’m stubborn. I started out so well too, cleaned, filed and prepped


My nails have always grown pretty strong and quickly and with my cleaner diet these days they’re practically unbreakable. Haven’t worn acrylic in years.


Two coats of this gorgeous Brucci baby blue polish and I let it dry a bit before I used a sponge to do this to my nails…


That’s when I realized I may have forgotten this application after-all…sumn ain’t right. It was also 500 layers of nail polish that smudged on any attempt to move. Naa…I had to jump on youtube and fix myself up right quick. Did a quick search for ombre nails and watched this youtube video. You’ll want to skip to the middle mark because she does a ton of talking before she gets into the damn tutorial. She also has a galaxy tutorial that I’m excited to try next. I would have done a tut video myself but there were 94000 entries in youtube for the search “ombre nails” I think you’ll find a tut you’ll like…

So as I said, wanted to slap myself cause it was sooooooooo easy to do! Took no time at all and much less polish than I was using. Ha. I inverted the colours and did the yellow on top. I had no white nail polish to use as a base so I had to go over it a couple times but I love the outcome and random women have been complimenting them all weekend long. I can’t wait to mix and match all the colours I already have, giving them all new life!

20130405_195151 20130405_195206 20130405_195334 20130408_104539

Have you done ombre nails before? Feeling the trend? If you’ve done and you have pics, please share them on my Facebook page or hit me up on twitter! I’d love to see and love colour combination inspiration! Do you like my ombre how they finally turned out? If at first you don’t succeed, slap yourself for not consulting youtube first!

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