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Today’s post is an excerpt from Miss Mikelah’s interview with dancehall sensation Mavado for her blog Style and Vibes. Mavado was in NYC for FNO collaborating with clothing line Married to the Mob. Check it out below.

Miss Mikelah and Mavado

Fashion Night Out in  New York City’s seemed like the entire island of Manhattan was a huge block party! In high volume shopping areas like Soho, Meat Packing District, 5th Avenue and Rockefeller Center you could barely get in to some of the events being held and if you got in, you were probably pretty cramped…at least that’s what I could make out from the feedback and pictures I saw. Like most fashion enthusiasts I mapped out my shop hopping to attend a few stores and events, but it pretty much didn’t go as planned. An interview with Dancehall’s Star Boy, Mavado was first on my itinerary with plans of coming back for the collaborated party with him and Married to the MOB. But this ended up being my only stop as everything was behind schedule.


Leah of Married to the Mob


Married to the MOB celebrated their seven year anniversary with a Fashion’s Night Out party at swanky midtown hotel,YotelMarried to the MOB owner, Leah Sweeney teamed up with Dancehall artist Mavado for a celebration that included radio personalities, DJs and some of the flyest people in New York City. The success of the party and Mavado’s collaboration with New York City based streetwear designer, Married to the MOB (MTTM), proves that Caribbean celebrities can connect non-Caribbean brands without compromising their own their style. As Caribbeans, we are constantly consuming brands, specifically in fashion, from international designers and receive little credit or acknowledgement for contributing to the international fashion world. It was great to see the genuine connection between MTTM’s audience and Mavado’s fans.

S&V: Tell about how you chose the direction of your line.
LM: I basically started from my personality. I’m basically putting out there stuff that I want to wear, that is for the MOB girl, not prissy stuff. It kind of takes a bitch with balls to where my stuff.

S&V: Tell me how the connection with Mavado came about?
LM: Because I have a friend of mine that’s a friend of his, I told him I’m doing this FNO / 7 year Anniversary party and we thought we’re kind of gangster in our own way, kind of evolving together. Music and fashion compliment each other so well.


S&V: Speaking of Delilah, how did you come up with the concept for that song?
Mavado:  I’m from the ghetto. Walking 20 miles until you grow up and get a chance to buy a bicycle, but then here comes the man with the money and sometimes you as a young youth and you have this girl that you like. But you have some goal digger girls. I’m not saying you have good girl, you have excellent girls out there, but you still have goal diggers and you still have to be looking out for them. I think this song is an evolution, cause even I, myself have been through a couple “Delilahs” (laughs).

S&V: So I’m a female, what would I call the male version of “Delilah” ?
Mavado: (Laughs) I don’t know (laughs more) I really don’t know.

S&V: Tell me about your style, how do you go about picking out clothes for your shows and appearances?
Mavado: I’m a very picky person when it comes to my fashion. Cause no one can do my wardrobe for me. I have to do it myself. Whenever I have to do a show my manager is always like “dawg we ah go late, how much tings you ah go buy” I say “I have a few more stores dung deh suh”.

Read more of this interview over on Style and Vibes and keep up with S&V on twitter. Your blazer is stylin Mikelah!

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