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So there’s been a lot of high end designers partnering with budget stores like Target, H&M and Payless these days to bring more affordable versions of their designs to the masses. It’s been welcomed with Americans waiting on the pieces to hit stores and collections selling out within days. The Missoni for Target collection flew off virtual shelves SO fast. I’m not sure how big of a name Project Runway winner Christian Siriano has made for himself as yet and if his designs were snatched up just like all the other big names but I was quite pleased to see his shoes in our local Payless Shoes here in Jamaica.

I went in the store to get munchkin a new pair of sandals as her feet are growing at the rate of a size a month it seems and I got her these cute little Dora sandals that lights up when she walks.

I hate having to buy her shoes in Jamaica, they’re so expensive. These cost me the equivalent of US$27 and I know I could’ve picked up something in Target for 10 bucks. Shoes that will last two months or so shouldn’t cost more than 10 bucks. Anyway these were cute so I went with it. When I was walking out a pair of blue pumps caught my eye and I realized I’ve never taken the time out to check out what Payless has on offer here in Jamaica other than kid shoes. The selections overseas are never that cute so I really didn’t think anything would be different about the stores here.

I saw these Christian Siriano pumps and quite liked the colour so I decided to try them on. In the picture on Payless’ website it looks quite olive coloured and perfect for an office setting but these were brighter and looked fab with my jeans and purple top. I felt like a hot mama running errands when I put them on. How practical though huh 🙂

Cute right? I wasn’t a fan of the squared toe but the colour is fab. But the price…

That would be US$87 dollars. Say what now? I guess I gotta pay for the duty and shipping to Jamaica…SMH. The price on the Payless website was originally $59 and its currently on sale for $49. But you know we don’t have true sales in Jamaica and Payless is doing well at adopting the culture. If I bought it online and shipped it out myself I would pay less than this price. Now you see why I don’t shop locally by default. They are cute though, do you like?

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