Top notch Trinidadian designer Meiling who’s been in the fashion design business “since mi yeye deh a mi knee” and has been a staple on the CFW circuit returns this year with a collection titled Midday, taken from a wider collection called 24 hours.

From the Caribbean Fashion Week blog

’24 Hours’ from Dawn to Deep Night

With an artful use of colour, texture and form, Meiling takes us on a poetic voyage from dawn to deep night. Dawn is rendered with puffs and wisps of painted silk and separates paired with tailored cotton basics, ideal for island living. The dramatic layering of royal blue prints in Blue of Devils and the clean, crisp lines of dresses and tunics rendered in “stockbroker’s shirt” poplin for Blue of Sky provide great options for tropical, urban chic.

In Midday and White Heat classic Meiling pieces are reinvented in white linen, organdy and poplin, trimmed with lace or paired with a sandy beige. Full of timeless classics, this is a collection from which almost any woman can find a piece to treasure for a lifetime.

Look out for the beautiful hand dyed fabrics by Lisa Sargeant as well as the delicate spiral earrings from Janice Derrick and of course the men’s collection designed by Anthony Reid.

I’ve always loved the classic pieces and fabrics used in her lines. Here are a few of my favourites:


I mentioned meeting Lee Ann on CFW’s opening night. She’s a swimwear designer who also had a booth and chatted with me briefly about her new line featuring colour blocking pieces and lots of tribal prints. With this in mind I kept on the look out and I like a lot of what I see. Some of my faves:

The designer. See more coverage of night 2 of CFW on Pulse’s Facebook Page.


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