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Hey guys. I’m approaching a birthday. Can you tell? Whenever we approach a birthday, we tend to start inspecting our lives, where we are, what we’ve accomplished and all that jazz. Allow me to mind dump in this post for a bit and maybe you can help me gain some clarity, focus and inspiration.

A Millennial at 35

This upcoming birthday (which is all the way at the end of November, why am I so dramatic?) I’ll be 35. I may just be at the beginning of my mid-life crisis already. Though I’m hoping midlife for me is around 45. This is a milestone birthday. I’m an adult, a big person, I have to “put down certain things and take up big people things” and I don’t know if I’m ready to do that.

I just quit my job to blog fulltime and become a blog coach. That was a hurried, spur of the moment decision I would never advise anyone to do because the truth is, I have no savings to rely on. So this has to work. **cue life going up in flames gif* This means I’m milking my side hustles for all they’re worth, while I’m launching my new blog and reworking this one.


However, I believe in myself and my capabilities immensely and I also believe in manifestation and the law of attraction. I’m very passionate about this. I’ve decided it is my current purpose to connect with other bloggers and help them to grow their community and be successful. I’ve decided to connect with women of all ages who want to live a purposeful life and help each other to grow. It was a brave but not well thought out decision that I’ve defended fiercely to naysayers (but loved ones) and held close to my heart. I’ve been working on my new blog night and day and I am truly determined to give it my all. If it does fail, it won’t be because I did a poor job if going at it.

I’ve read all the stories about people in corporate jobs their whole lives yet finding great success as an entrepreneur or creative (same thing?) later on in life. I use them as inspiration because I feel so late in life myself. At the tender age of not-yet-35.

There have already been hiccups along the way but I’m pushing ahead. Millenials have been described as “lazy, narcissistic and prone to jump from job to job” which is debatable when it comes to my fitness regime but truly, I’ve always loved blogging, come back to it every time I gave it up and have been working my ass off on my newest one. I just want to blog. And make money from my blog so I can keep blogging. Can I do that? Yes, I can.

Redefining IrieDiva


I’ve been wondering what to do with IrieDiva. What topics to talk about on here, what direction to go in, how to widen the audience from just those interested in topics having to do with Jamaica. You may have noticed a plethora of different type of posts recently that usually aren’t here. I’m testing the waters to see what resonates with my readers and will bring in new ones.

I want IrieDiva to motivate women, to encourage them to live their purpose and be passionate in their beliefs. I want us to be empowered in our life choices and to do it all in fine style. I’ve contemplated changing my tagline to Life and Style after 35. Too dramatic with the age? Yeah, maybe.

Whatever I come up with, it will probably take a while. I’m going through a transformation. I can feel it. Or, I’m pushing myself through it. I need it. And I will come out better on the other side. You feel me?

Limiting Beliefs

So, allow me to go left-field a little bit here. In the middle of writing this post, I got an email from a business coach that I recently subscribed to. She’s currently in a sales cycle for her mastermind class and when you’re in a sales cycle, usually you release a lot of information to get people to trust you and show off what you can do for them. She asked people to sign up for her course with no obligations and the first group of people who signed up would receive a couple more freebies. One of them was a “money scan” and I was one of the lucky early birds.

In this scan, she asked that I share my relationship with money currently and in order to assess what my patterns are, as well as any negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that’s stopping me from becoming. I shared with her how much I really don’t think I have any issues with money and imagine to manifest just enough when I do need it but I was ready to begin manifesting even more. I told her of my new venture and how I quit my job. She responded with my money scan saying I had a fear of failure. She said I think it won’t work. She says she’s getting “needy” and “disappointment” as my negative emotional state and my limiting beliefs are that “it won’t work” and “I can’t.”

The emotions were surprising to me. I do feel a great sense of disappointment in where I am in life. I feel disappointed that I haven’t been brave enough to completely conquer blogging, which I love so much, and make it my fulltime career. I’m disappointed that it’s taken me so long to finally give it a proper go. But needy? I may need some help with that one.

The limiting beliefs and failures, while not surprising, were still somewhat of an aha moment. Why? Because I just said I believe in manifestation and the law of attraction, right? I believe in myself. Yet, she sensed that I fear that this won’t work. Maybe because I think I’ve tried this before, even though you and I know I really didn’t give it my all in my previous attempts. Blogging was always my side gig. I treated it like my side gig. Even though I want it to be my full-time gig.

Tapping, an Emotional Freedom Therapy

She recommended that I do tapping to clear my money blocks. Tapping is an emotional freedom therapy (EFT) that’s apparently a thing. Ever heard of it? I haven’t but I’m very excited to try. I’m open-minded to different techniques and forms of therapy and have long wanted to get into yoga but have not yet started. (lazy millennial here)

I’m off to search for more information on this tapping thing, but till next time, I’d love to get your feedback on the types of topics you think I should cover more of on this blog and any amazing life secrets you want to share.

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