Miss Jamaica World turned Miss Jamaica Universe Yendi Phillipps is now Miss Universe first runner-up.  I am one of those who snickered when she entered the competition…”Yendi again?” But I was a big fan of her the first go ’round and I knew that we had no better chance of snagging that crown than sending her up there again as she is much more exposed and experienced and that has been proven with her winning second place.

Of course, many of us think she was robbed, as she had very high swimsuit and gown scores going in. Some argue that her reference to God in answering her death penalty question is what was her downfall and some say hey…no one can beat Mexico in Las Vegas but USA. Whatever the case may be second place is the highest we have been in a long time and I am very proud of our gal…she did right by us. She is a beautiful girl with a seemingly wonderful personality…and that shined through on that stage.


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