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On Tuesday June 7, 2011, Mission Catwalk will debut its first winner of some fabulous prizes. But before that announcement, we viewed the collections made while on the show at this year’s staging of the Miami Beach International Fashion Week. Shenna Carby and Ayanna Dixon, the show’s top two finalists, were the lucky two. The pairing of these two make for absolutely great TV, the colourful, urban language of Shenna Carby who loves to hop on a bus and go to the beach and the Bridget Sandals loving, blackberry toting Ayanna Dixon who referenced Maiden Cay, Lime Cay or any beach for that matter in their Observer article.

I think they both described each other’s style quite best:

Shenna: Ayanna will go a far way as a designer — she already knows and understands her style, and she has her niche market for conservative persons who like streamlined fashion but still want to look stylish. So when those persons come to me, I can now send them to her.

Ayanna: (Laughs) Shenna is extremely creative. Her technique is always on point and she’s an excellent seamstress. Anything she thinks of, she can execute it perfectly, and she’s right, we do have different styles, and different clients.

This shines through in both collections. Ayanna’s pieces are more conservative but definitely classic and timeless. Her swimsuit designs adds a touch of funk and colour. Shenna’s pieces are very trendy and creative. The style may not last forever but they will make you stand out wherever you are.

My favourite from Ayanna

My favourite from Shenna

Ayanna’s black dress looks like something Victoria Beckham would wear, sleek lines and silhouette. The bunching in the torso, I’m not sure it was meant, but I quite like it. This silk piece from Shenna, the colours are gorgeous. That was really what won me over. But look at this one she made earlier in the competition:



Isnt it gorgeous? I’ve always loved anything draped or ruched so maybe its just me but the skill and technique required to complete such a dress…Shenna just may have my vote! The front of it was awful, don’t bother to ask about it…it opened up to show some kinda pants but it had to do with the challenge they were given that week, something ’bout a two in one design.

Here’s the video from their time in Miami.

This is definitely a good look. For a local competition to bring our young designers to an international level is major and both collections repped for Jamaican very well. No matter who wins at this point, the training, experience and coverage they’ve received so far is enough to make both girls successful once thy carry through. But the winner will be sitting pretty. The prizes are major:

1. An opportunity to show a collection at the Miami International Fashion Week 2011.
2. JMD$250,000.00 funding to produce their own clothing line.
3. A fashion spread in SHE Caribbean Magazine.
4. Contract to sell designs at Ammar’s clothing stores.
5. Buyers meeting with local and international buyers.
6. Scholarship for further studies in fashion at Edna Manley College.
7. Industrial equipment valued at JMD$200,000.00 to set up a production studio.
8. Internship with an international design house.

Great going Mission Catwalk, next season will be great.

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