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Mission Catwalk Season 2 – Are you watching?

As usual, I am tardy to the party and have not been watching this season of Mission Catwalk, Jamaica’s own reality show based on a fashion designer competition. But I have been following the facebook page and feel compelled to highlight the adorable prom dresses that the designers made on tonight’s episode.

It would appear that they’re down to 5 contestants now and received some very experienced and renowned Caribbean upcoming designers this time around. Did that make sense or was it a contradiction? Experienced up and coming? Anyway what I meant was that I definitely know some of the names. I mean, Jae Jolly’s on there and she’s shown at Caribbean Fashion Week before. And I’m sure I heard the name HoD before, maybe Style Week? Anyhoo with the opportunity to show at London Fashion Week plus half a million Jamaican dollars to help develop my line, I’d certainly give it a shot too…whether my name was already out there or not!

Which one is your favourite? Aren’t they cute? I wonder why they’re all cocktail length though with the exception of the white one…aren’t prom dresses traditionally long gowns? The skirt on the first rose gold one disappoints me. I wish the overlay wasn’t there or  just used underneath as it is absolutely adorable and looks very princessy. I love princessy.

I really love the rose and pleating/draping on the green one and blue dresses and would wear both these dresses. The red one I think needs some construction help at the top but it’s cute too. What are your thoughts?

All pictures from the Mission Catwalk Facebook page.

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3 thoughts on “Mission Catwalk Season 2 – Are you watching?

  1. Ooo wow! They are really nice! I started out watching season 2 religiously … then one day I missed an episode ….went down hill from there! Looks like I need to find a way to catch up on all that I’ve missed!

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