on the boardwalk at the hedonism 2

Mr Caribbean International 2013 at Hedonism 2 – From the judges table

The Mr Caribbean International 2013 competition was held recently at the Hedonism 2 and I was invited to be a judge. I was too excited to be in Negril for the weekend to judge hot-bodied men at a hotel that is clothing optional! Yes lawd! I’ll admit that I had my apprehensions about going to a nudey hotel, sitting in the pool or hot tub kinda gives you the heebie jeebies, but my excitement quickly overcame all that and I made my way down.

on the boardwalk at the hedonism 2

The property is gorgeous and currently being upgraded throughout. The rooms are chic and modern and all the beachfront rooms are being outfitted with balconies. Some with their own hot-tubs on these balconies. Nice. A gorgeous entertainment coordinator gave me a tour of the entire property and even took me over to the nude side for a brief visit since I was in my swimsuit which is of course not allowed on the nude side. I have to tell you, it really did make me feel like a prude when we sauntered over there! Their pool was jumping, the music was loud, the drinks were flowing and the vibe was nice! (and there was no clothes! did I mention no clothes???) I felt like a big dud as we made the walk back over to the prude side of the property to enjoy the beautiful beach and relaxed atmosphere. -__-

Glass bottom boat at Hedonism 2

I took the opportunity to do some of the touristy things I never do like take a ride on a glass bottom boat and go snorkeling. All the other snorkelers got the no clothing memo, but I still had loads of fun.

snorkeling at hedonism 2

As the day gave way to night, I got even more excited about things to come. Here I am at the judges table with sporting and fitness experts and hotel management, the celebrity judge being one of our local sporting heroes Juliet Cuthbert.

Mr. Caribbean International 2013 judges

And then, there was the show! They competed in the days prior for titles in fitness and talent and us judges were here for the charisma, physique and charm. There was a clear favourite from the get go, a Jamaican who had won all the smaller titles coming into the competition. He was lovingly called 50 and had personality for days and a smile to brighten any room:



One of the contestants from Barbados was a great contender as well, he had a great presence and I loved his opening monologue.


But at the end of the day, it would be Mr. French Guiana who would walk away with the title of Mr. Caribbean International 2013



There was great uproar, everyone expected Wayne aka 50 to win. But the question section can make or break any pageant, we all know this, and he fell flat in this department. The judges decided that it would have been an injustice to still give the win to him when both other contestants outshined him here and the rules made a point to ask the judges to wipe the slate clean at the top 3. We could not take into consideration anything prior. Someone with a title needs to be able to speak on their toes and it’s unfortunate that 50 with his winning personality wasn’t able to deliver at the shining moment. I actually wished I could have given it to Dwayne from Barbados, his talent piece was awesome as was his smile and his answer, but that’s not the way it went.

A fabulous time was had by all at the after party. Can’t wait to go back!


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