Combing munchkin’s hair is a challenge. Any intricate style you see in her hair was probably done by her daycare. I dunno how they get her to sit still while they do all that. I used to think it was because all her friends were around her, but isn’t that distraction? I am clueless. Anytime I go in her hair she is miserable and moody. I haven’t yet found the right time to get her to be OK with hair time. Distractions work, but not for the whole time. With all that said, I have not yet been able to deep condition her hair because of this. I can’t imagine her allowing a plastic cap to stay on her head for any period of time. Right now my routine for her is to wash every week, apply leave-in conditioner, my usual oils and some shea butter to seal/twist.

I tried to put my satin bonnet on her the other night after I did her twists and she seemed excited to have it on so I’m thinking we’re now at a point where she may be willing to have me deep condition her hair. She thinks it’s kinda cool. But how long will it last on her head. She’ll get curious and wanna rip it off just like any other hair adornment I put on her.

I saw these hair contraptions selling on Nettle and Moss’ facebook page and I am intrigued. According to them: 

The Hair Therapy Wrap is a cordless, reusable, thermal turban heat wrap that allows the convenience of steaming your hair while relaxing, bathing or doing chores around the house. Use this wrap to activate hot oils, deep conditioners and other treatments, simply remove and heat the gel pads (microwave or stove top), replace in the turban and enjoy up to 20 minutes of therapy

This sounds like something I could put on munchkin’s head and she would think it’s cool. Worth a try. Munchkin’s hair really could use some added moisture. Anyway, I twisted her hair on Sunday…

And then did a lil twist out yesterday and put it in a cute puff! Isn’t it adorable? I knew it wouldn’t last long all day at her nursery though, she would have pulled out the headband securing it so quickly. I put it in two little puffs instead. I’m tempted to try a wash and go with her soon. Her hair was looking glorious after her last wash.


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