At what age do children start to love bounce-a-bouts? Munchkin is two and a half and is absolutely terrified of them even though she gets so animated and excited at the sight of one. Bring her too close and she screams and runs. She was so happy seeing them at the last Kingston Kitchen at Hope Gardens, but would not even get close. Yet she kept wanting to go back to the “bouncy bounce.” She’ll be attending a birthday party next weekend that I know there’ll be one there so it will be interesting to see if I can convince her to take a few jumps. I’ll be there real early before all the big kids take over. Even I am scared of bouncies with big kids jumping around trying to tear down the sides!

She seemingly enjoyed this ride though, although she got bored after a while when it just kept going round and round. Or maybe I was bored standing there watching her…

Kingston Kitchen was stupid hot though. In this heat it’s definitely better to hold it in the evening and into the night. A daytime festival with fire and hot food? NAWL. Thank God for good ol’ snowcones. Them dudes made a killing I’m sure. Munchkin sure had lots of fun and the food was good. Did you go?

So yeah, when do kids start appreciating bounce-a-bouts? Here’s my princess heading off to nursery this morning in her freshly washed puffs…


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