Munchkin at 3 and a half months

So! It doesn’t normally take much for me to get my munchie to go to bed at night. She goes to bed anywhere from 6 to 8pm at night. If she goes as early at 6, she’ll wake up at around 11 but she always goes right back after a feeding. Other than that she wakes at around 3am for feeding and then again at around 5 or 6am. Thankfully, at her 3am waking she feeds and goes right back to sleep so my nights are super easy with my newbie.

Munchkin at 3 and a half months

I don’t have a routine with her per se at nights, we’re usually cackling at each other in the evenings until she starts to get fussy then I feed her or if she’s not hungry then u put her in her bouncer and gently rock it until she dozes off. Its never been easy for her to fall asleep on me unless she’s feeding, thats normally her dad’s forte.

Asleep in the bouncer ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night was no different. She wasn’t falling asleep while feeding so I put her in the bouncer and started rocking away. Somehow I thought she’d wake up soon cus she was kinda fussy so I went to my bed expecting this. My phone woke me this morning, a ping from the bf. It was 6am…I looked over at my munchkin and was instantly worried. I touhed her foot and she squirmed just like she does whenever I try to play with her foot when she’s asleep. Wow. She really slept thru the night? Well OK then! I’m not sure if this will be just a one night event or this is now to be my norm…but no complaints here! GOOOOO Munchkin! ๐Ÿ™‚


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