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Picking up the Christmas road trip posts, when we left YS Falls, we headed into Negril looking for a place to rest our heads. As soon as we found somewhere and refreshed ourselves, it was time to head out and grab a bite to eat. We passed The Italian Cafe in Negril on the way in and it looked like the happening spot in town, it was crowded. Somehow I couldn’t resist the charming set up and decided even though we were starving and cranky, to brave the wait.

Italian Cafe in Negril

We were seated almost immediately which gave me a little hope that maybe even though the place was crowded, they were somehow staffed enough to keep everyone happy. We of course soon found out how wrong we were. When we finally hailed down a waitress, her first words advised us how long the wait time was for food, trying I guess, to control our expectations of reasonable service. We ordered wine and simple appetizers and asked that our bread be served quickly to help us absorb the wait time. It’s a safe assumption that the bread is already ready and waiting to be served, right?

Italian Cafe Negril

The setting was gorgeous. I couldn’t tell from the road that they had so much space to work with. It was the perfect touristy type of island-vibe without being cheesy and the ambiance was great. Munchkin provided entertainment while her daddy watched a basketball game that was on the TV at the bar. He gets real cranky when he’s hungry so I was happy for the distractions. Finally the bread came, and the wine, and we started to mellow out a little. The fact that I’m sitting here unable to remember what the appetizers were means that clearly they weren’t memorable. I don’t have pictures of them either. Maybe we were just too hungry and wolfed them down. I was at this point just hoping that our main dishes were about to change the tone of the evening and match up with the incredible vibe of the place. Come on little Italian Cafe in Negril, don’t let me down now!

20151230_221341 20151230_221348

So the food arrives and all is made right. Yay! I decided to order the lobster linguine in order to veer away from the usual Alfredo and try something else. Of course, the gentleman decided to stick with Alfredo and we get pizza for the kid. The Alfredo blew me away. It’s the best Alfredo I have ever had, bar none! It was absolutely divine. My dish was great too, don’t get me wrong. But the Alfredo was supreme. Based on the food alone, I would return to the Italian Cafe in Negril. It was amazing. I just wouldn’t go during peak tourist or holiday season but I will definitely return.

20151230_230805At this point we’re all now mellowed out and a DJ has arrived to take the night to the next level. He starts playing Bob Marley and so of course I’m motivated to get up and dance because it reminds me of this moment and so we do just that and we danced for a while with the kiddo. We order more wine and even decide to get dessert. Cheesecake. It too was decadent and delicious. At the end of the night we head back to our hotel and decide to walk down to the beach. It’s when we get down to the beachfront that we remember we’ve been to this hotel before when we were dating. Perfect end to a great family outing.




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