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My Favourite Smoothie Recipe: Papaya and Beetroot

I’ve been juicing, or rather blending, more often these days in an effort to increase the amount of vegetables in my diet and of course to assist me in my weight loss efforts. I don’t have a juicer so I use my blender, the trade-off is that I keep all of the fiber that a juicer filters out. Makes for an awful texture but keeps my tummy fuller longer and so works as a meal replacement! I’ve been trying to blend a batch every Sunday so I have no excuse not to have my green juice daily. Read Afrobella’s post on some benefits of juicing and her experience. While I haven’t done a full-on cleanse yet, I have been gearing up to do one and clean out my insides, especially my liver which can take a beating on the weekends. -__- I’m also trying to put on my big girl panties and throw some aloe in my juices but I’m not there yet! This recipe that I’m sharing with you has been in my arsenal long before I started this whole juicing thing. It was my go-to Sunday dinner juice recipe. I love it SO much and it has so many benefits! The base of the drink is milk, usually coconut or almond, papaya and beetroot. Once you have those ingredients, you have a killer drink, there’s really no need for anything else! But of course I like to add, subtract and multiply depending on what’s in my fridge.

I’ve been meaning to make this all week and had most of the ingredients laying around, I just needed some milk. But I had a craving for something sweet just now and instead of reaching for something unhealthy I decided to whip this up with some good old LASCO milk powder in the creamy malt flavour and a packet of coconut milk powder. Tek mi han’ tun fashion! 

So in my blender went some water, my milk powders, a little more than half of a medium pawpaw, a banana, a can of sliced beets from Green Giant (which I saved the red water to mix with my henna, LOL) a few dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg and half of a frozen east indian mango. Oh, and a squirt of agave nectar, which you may not need but I have a sweet tooth. 😉 I just threw everything in, I’m very bad at measurements so if you’re making it just threw together some stuff. 😀

It is delicious! And so good for you too. Use raw beets, I bought the can specifically to try the henna thing. The benefits of beets are plentiful and so are the benefits of papaya! I have also added carrot to this juice before and you barely taste it, talk about packing a healthy punch! Other substitutes or ingredient options for this drink are pineapple, raw sweet potato (yes!) pumpkin, basically anything orange will work beautifully. I’ve been thinking about adding aloe vera to this drink as I believe whatever taste the aloe has will be overpowered, I’ll let you know how that goes. I think you should try this one on for size, will ya? Do you juice? What’s your favourite recipe?

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7 thoughts on “My Favourite Smoothie Recipe: Papaya and Beetroot

  1. You inspired me to go buy a juicer/blender thing a few months back. Unfortunately it’s been sitting down gathering dust in the kitchen lol. The one use it get is smaddy else use it. I love the idea of getting veggies and in a way that makes them taste good, especially because I am NOT experimental when it comes to those two food groups. I’ll try this on the weekend since it looks so good. And don’t worry about the aloe…all a that other stuff will drown out the taste, plus is not like you going put a WHOLE HEAP in it.

    1. aw shux i inspire *does backflips* lol go for it!!! i bought a magic bullet recently for when I cant bother do a whole blender but then i use the blender for when i lazy and want to just do a big batch for the week. i’m gonna suck it up and put aloe in my next batch :zzz:

  2. Oh Man maybe i should try this.. I am gearing up to do a full on cleanse…. soooo not looking forward to it. But this sounds like a great place to start getting some practice.

    1. yep! i dont think this can be part of a cleanse since it has milk but it sure is yummy and healthy!

  3. If you can drink cerasee I think you can stand the aloe.
    My blender is locked away in the cupboard but perhaps I could drag it out. I can’t have milk but I see lots of soy on sale at stores in my area.

    1. cerasee? yech!!!! LOL i have some wild cerasee bush growing in my yard too enuh but bwoy! in y next batch im gonna suck it up and put some aloe in

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