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I can’t believe I went to so many places! I need to get paid to do this next year… #RovingReporter! Anyway when I left Soho I bee-lined for the Pulse Complex to visit Glam Culture and the Dressing Room that had planned events which included music and drinks. This was about 7:30 pm by now and I was tired and wanted somewhere with food and atmosphere that I could “ends out.”

How hot are those yellow pumps? They would be TOO cute with that little zebra print mini skirt too! Complete the look with a black tank and a WOW statement necklace and you couldn’t talk to me!

This dress caught my eye over by The Dressing Room and was 20% off. Off what…I didn’t check. I heard that there was live music up by Base Kingston and decided to cut my visit to Pulse short. I snapped these pics before leaving.

So we left and headed up to Manor Park for our final stop at Base Kingston and Belle to see what was new. Lubica herself was on hand to help out and I asked her if she had anything in the store from her personal line. She pointed out a couple hand painted pieces to me as well as a sample dress with a complete lace back.

I love the cropped top. #BuyJamaican She joked to us that everything was 20% off “which is amazing, because I don’t give discounts.” The tops were between 4-5000 but I did say they were handpainted!

The highlight of this event was definitely the vibe. I had a cupcake and enjoyed some Smirnoff cocktails while Ian from VMBS tried to convince me that I should buy a house. Maybe they take rose petals for payment? It was the perfect end to our FNO experience as I milled around and enjoyed the music and the atmosphere. I got there tired and weary from my day and this was the perfect unwind.

What a day! My next #FNOja post will talk about the experience overall, what I wished I had done, what I wished I hadn’t and provide more of a review.

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