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This post is about a wonderful experience at the Guilt Trip, along with a few stops at several other restaurants for Restaurant Week 2012.

My friends from college have pretty much decided to make Restaurant Week a permanent mark on the calendar for us to celebrate a bunch of us who are born in the month of November. Last year, we hit up Red Bones, and this year we decided to hit Ristorante Baci at the Wyndham Hotel. I was looking forward to it as just the name alone sounds quite fancy, doesn’t it?

Rocking my pink afro for the night. I must say I wasn’t impressed with the simplicity of the menu. They’re an Italian restaurant, which you may have guessed from the name, but I certainly didn’t feel like they went out of their way to bring any authentic or even any different Italian dishes to the table. Most of their meals offered I could have ordered at my favourite sports bars. Appetizers were a choice of Caesar salad, bruschetta, a soup or fried calamari. The main course had Fettuccine, Chicken Alfredo, veal and a pizza. You get my drift? Only the calamari and the veal that was topped with prosciutto were different. Anyway, I ordered the salad, the veal and a cannoli for dessert.

My salad was drenched in dressing. This defeats the whole purpose no?

The veal was too…challenging for my fork and jaws. And I know it’s prosciutto but yeah, the salt could have been balanced a little better. The pasta that came with it was lovely though. Confession? I didn’t know what veal was. It was my first time having it. I googled and found out it was made from young cattle. Baby calves. What in the world did they do to deserve being cooked too long? Ugh. I’ll never have veal again. Let the little baby cows live.

The cannoli, meh. I know others who have since gone and have raved about the experience so maybe I went on a bad night? But I can only write about what I experienced and based on this I’m not too hard-pressed to visit this restaurant again.

Two nights later I made my way over to the Guilt Trip with my coworkers. Now, my friends and I went to the Guilt Trip maybe 4 or 5 years ago for Restaurant Week and our experience was again, nothing to write home about. The waitress was extremely rude and it overshadowed the meals, none of which I remember now. So, I wasn’t too enthused about this stop either but it has been years so I went with an open mind. The organizer of RW hosted us that evening along with some other key members of the RW team.

The menu at Guilt Trip was much better. I had the marlin spring rolls for appetizer but I was kinda coveting the caesar salad. It had bacon <3 plus it was three times the size of the one I got at the Wyndham. It looked yummy!

I was seriously having a hard time deciding between the fish, the angus burger topped with an egg and the pasta. I make it a thing to never order pasta at these restaurants tho since my pasta is so yummy at home so I went with the fish. Now let me tell you, I am not a big fish person outside of Helshire fried fish and salmon. I don’t know what got into me to order the sea bass but my oh my it did not disappoint!

It was a huge serving, there’s more fish under there plus eggplant and carrot and a little shrimp in the sauce! They brought out a rice dish to have with it too. It was delightful! The fish was moist and so tasty and I would seriously like to know what they put in the sauce so I can make fish at home like this! I wish it was served with some festival so I could have sopped up all my sauce! X_X

So dessert.

Y’all know I’m trying to live this green life right? Sigh….. nobody loves chocolate like I do. I never order cheesecake at restaurants because they are so touch and go but rarely can chocolate be messed up, especially when you get three tries! My chocolate trio had a brownie topped with a little kiss, a lychee cake with what I can only guess is white chocolate mousse on top and a chocolate cake layered with some good red stuff. Forgive me, I didn’t pay too much attention to the menu, it said chocolate, I said gimme dat! The top ones are very berry cheesecake and a trio of Jamaican desserts, guava tart, coconut grater cake and potato pudding. But my chocolate? OK. It was overkill, I’ll be the first to admit. But I had every delicious bite and was chocolate wasted all night long. Ooooh lawd!

This didn’t help. Oh boy what an evening! Here’s Stephanie, the organizer of RW with Colin, the chef and owner of Guilt Trip:

Steph is in the white. Colin, teach me your fish secrets!!!

So at the office, we decided to do a couple nyam and scrams. Those were the lunch-time participating restaurants. We had the orders delivered. The first one was from Epic Eats. Soup, chicken quesadilla and tortilla chips:


I could have done without the chips. The quesadillas were nice enough, I eat from Epic all the while, no complaints here.

This was from Chillitos. I knew better but I still did it anyway. Chillitos tacos are always lacking, they are appetizers, caan full not a belly. But the burrito they had on the menu was a pork one and I’m not a huge pork fan. See the little pork chimichanga there in the box? It was ok. I definitely felt like I needed something else to “ketch up” my stomach after this.

Anyway my final restaurant week stop was out of town. I decided to do something different and visit one of the Ocho Rios restaurants. I chose Hermosa Cove because I’d spoken to the owner at the Bridal Expo and he was quite a charming story-teller. He sold me on his property and I had to go. One click over to the website and you’ll see why. So after the 2 hour drive, we arrived to a stunning view

Here’s a peak of it. I didn’t stop to take a pic up at the top where the view was expansive… but here’s a look outside the restaurant window

Perfect! So cozy and romantic huh? Here’s some more pics of the property:

Munchkin’s sweet little mischievous smile. She was intent on ruining everyone’s quiet romantic dinner with lots of noise. Except there were very little couples and lots of friends and families so I didn’t feel so bad. 😀

I had spring rolls again, this time filled with crab. At this point, I can say that I am not a huge spring roll fan. It just always tastes like too much pastry, not enough flavour.

Look at that portion size though…smh…

Grilled beef tenderloin with caramelized onions and mushrooms. This wasn’t mine, I had a bite, it was ok. But then it got rave reviews on taste, the only complaint was again the size of the serving. The beef was great but God bless the two slices of potato and carrots that came with………

I decided to get the ribs! Yummmmmmoooooooo!!!! It was delicious and the serving was much better. I went to town and came out winning. Oh yesssss

This was munchkin’s favourite part. It’s a bread pudding topped with a caramel sauce, another win. My 4 hour round trip was totally worth it. I discovered a beautiful property, had some yummy food and great company. Munchkin certainly enjoyed making footprints in the sand

How was your Restaurant Week? Where’d you go? What’d you eat? Was it yummy? Packed? Yucky? Do spill!

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