Natural Hair IG Reviews: Giovanni Leave-In and Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream


While I do have a youtube channel and dabble a bit in vlogging, blogging is my true passion for now and might not change anytime soon. It seems however that I’ve found a way to incorporate videos into my regular blogging routine via 15 second reviews of products that I use! My first video was so well received that I decided to do a second one and now I’m sharing them with you here. I won’t be sharing them all on the blog though, this is just to introduce you to this new feature and so I encourage you to follow me on Instagram if you’re not already doing so.

This was about the Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream that has become my favourite styler of all I’ve tried. I’ve had it for literally YEARS, it might be expired, but I absolutely love it! I got it when I first big chopped from a kinkier hair type friend who didn’t like it. I think her impressions coloured mine because I didn’t like it much in the beginning either. It didn’t do much of what it was supposed to do but I figured maybe my hair was just too short for it to “elongate and define” my curls and so I left it alone til I grew some length, only touching it when I ran out. As the months went on by I came to realise that coconut oil which is everybody’s favourite, doesn’t like my skin so much. Breakouts galore! So I had to search for a leave-in conditioner and a styler that didn’t contain it. That search as you can imagine was quite difficult because coconut oil is a holy grail for many naturals and is in almost every product, especially all the local ones. Lo and behold I fell right back on my Jane Carter which I now realise just needs the right leave-in conditioner underneath it to shine like the superstar it is! It’s quite pricey tho but it does last a long time!

So I ran out of my favourite leave-in conditioner and went back to Earth Elements in Savannah Plaza, HWT where I purchased it only to hear that they won’t be restocking it because the line didn’t to so well! I’m hurt because I really really loved my Jessicurl Aloeba Leave-In. Hopefully I can find it elsewhere, if not, I will be ordering online but as I needed something immediately I went ahead and tried this Giovanni Leave-In that so many naturalistas praise. Welp. It’s only my first use of the product so I won’t judge it yet, but like with my Jane Carter that I hated in the beginning, I’m not impressed but hopeful that as I continue to use the product, my hair will come around.

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