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From #FNOja, @Neosole talks #Naturalhair, @JaneCarter and Thando Kafele

Today’s post was written by my longtime internet idler friend Stephanie, a Jamaican engineer with a creative soul . Follow her on twitter @neosole
It was pure chance that I ended up as a hair model at the Nettle and Moss Fashion Night Out festivities. After all, the only thing fashionable that I ever do to my locs is a twist out. Fancy huh?Until the moment I met the famous Thando Kafele I didn’t even know who would be working in my unkempt locs. When he was ready to begin the presentation he gave me a little tap on my shoulder and signaled for me to sit in the salon chair. He manoeuvred around me and through my hair with the adroitness of a true master. He silently worked each lock using the Jane Carter products. My first thought was how wonderful it smelled. I have put all sorts of products and natural hair concoctions in my hair and this may be one of the best smelling ones I have come across. He broke his silence when he told me I was a great model *blush* He got through my locs in less than an hour and began to style it. The end result was an African inspired crown of glory. It was a work of art and the parts between locs were cleaner than I have seen them in years.
I pulled out the updo a day later and my locs looked great. They looked shiny and healthy. The products made them feel soft but a little sticky. The stickiness was gone after approximately 5 days. I, however, applied a little apple-cider vinegar spritz to my locks and they felt a little slimy until it dried then they felt very soft again. I washed my hair about a week later and all the product seemed to wash out cleanly. I could see no signs of residue and felt no stickiness or sliminess.
All in all, I was pleased with the products and will definitely be returning to Nettle and Moss to check them out. I was also impressed with how the products worked in loose natural hair during other hair presentations. When I finally decide to cut my locs and go back to loose hair, these products look like a good option to try.
Steph your looks are looking so gorgeous! I LOVE that pic when your hair is down and swept to the side. I have been thinking about going back natural myself simply because of how horribly my hair does with humidity. You spend all this money to straighten your hair then as soon as I hit the dance floor I’m looking like a wet mop. sigh…

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5 thoughts on “From #FNOja, @Neosole talks #Naturalhair, @JaneCarter and Thando Kafele

  1. I LOVE your locs Stephanie! Jane Carter products you say? I’ve been trying to find some products to work with my locs. Will check those out. And apple-cider vinegar spritz? You just threw the apple-cider vinegar in a bottle? Or are there branded apple-cider vinegar spritz out there? I’m a newbie at this loc maintenance business – ‘sprecially pon a budget!

    1. Thanks. I mixed apple cidar vinegar with water in a bottle 🙂 as far as I know there are no branded spritz. I find with my locs, it is all trial and error and what works great today may not work so good tomorrow. In general I don’t use a lot of products in my locs. I tend to mix some natural concoction of stuff I can find in the kitchen like olive oil and coconut oil, but I will get some nice smelling essential oil to make the concoction smell good. As I said in the blog, the only problem I had with the Jane Carter products was a little stickiness, but the tradeoff was that it made my locs very soft.

  2. Stephanie’s hair look GAWJUSSSS!!! I went to Nettle & Moss the other day – not for Jane Carter products, but for Kinky Curly products – and I had to restrain myself from the Jane Carter display. The spirit and hair were willing but the pocket was protesting LOUDLY! Jane Carter products are amazing on ‘loose’ natural hair and loc’d hair alike and, as a result, I have to feed my Product Junkie fetish with products sometime this month. Good thing I read this article because it reminded me of it – ha!

    Re apple cider vinegar KSamuda, I’m not sure what Stephanie did with hers but, I have loose natural hair and I use about 1/2 cup of organic apple cider vinegar (available locally at health food stores) to 2-3 cups of water. After I’ve co-washed my hair, I simply rinse with the apple cider vinegar rinse and I’m done – I don’t wash it out. It’s fabulous for my hair AND my scalp. Winning all around!

    And Irie – lol, that’s what happened to me too. I transitioned for all of 3 months before I got annoyed and took up a pair of hair shears 3 weeks ago in a bid to do my own big chop. I cut maybe 95% of my hair but had to ask a hairdresser to get the bits that I missed. This is my 2nd time natural and I’m way happier than I was the 1st time around, and happier than I was with relaxed hair.

    Bad weather and humidity don’t bother me – ah bey!!!

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