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New progress dress and HCG cycle one results

Lord…my HCG results were 😐 just watch the video. But before that. As I said in my last video, it’s a good idea to have a “progress dress” to use as a measuring stick. I need to take some pics in those jeans to see if my 15lbs made any difference but I now have an official progress dress. The sleeves on this dress are too tight and it can’t zip all the way up on me. Hopefully if I do decide to go ahead and do another cycle of HCG, I’ll be givng away the dress as it will be too big. It’s a size large anyhow and my aim is to be a medium at least.

I really like this dress. Green is a fave of mine plus it hides my arms…I hate my arms. And it gives a little shape πŸ˜€ It can’t do much about my lack of heiny tho πŸ™

See the dress in motion and find out exactly how I did on my HCG in the video:

Welp. Lemme tell y’all I started off so well! I was going out Β to my parties on the weekend and ordering water, yes child! But somewhere down the line after I went on vacay with my fam it just all went awry and it didn’t quite go according to plan after that. I wish I had found out about HCG well in advance of him coming home so I could have finished my 40 day HCG cycle before my vacation but……ah well. One more time!

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