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Two songs caught my attention today which both had Jamaican influences that excited me enough to come here and share with you guys. I’ll hit you with the lighter one first, the second one will surely have you clutching your pearls.

Selena Gomez - Like a Champion Video


Ever since Gomez left Bieber, she’s been coming out with hit tunes. Who doesn’t love the pop hit Come and Get It? It’s one of my current faves for sure! Her latest video Like a Champion samples Buju Banton‘s mega hit Walk Like a Champion

What do you think? Feeling it? It will take me a couple more listens to form a solid opinion on this one, but it isn’t bad so far…

The second tune today came from Busta Rhymes who we all know has Jamaican roots and on this track he flexes his patois sounding a lot to me like Elephant Man. Nicki Minaj, joins him on the track. We know how much she loves to wine her waist like a champion bubbla. This is the explicit version so watch at your own risk.

we come fi flatline every ting inna dis bomboclaaat til clash done, fi real

The ratchet in me loves everything about this track! Can’t wait fi it buss inna di dancehall when mi under mi rum! LOL! There was a comment that someone left on Youtube about the song not being a real Twerk song and how disappointed they were. You know you need a fast beat to properly twerk but hey, this song will have the dance floor bubbling! That’s always better than a twerk 😉

What do you think?

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