Notchilous Tees: Getting Convos Started Since 2006


Once upon a time I had a blog called Fashion Over Style where my main focus was giving shine to Jamaican fashion designers from all walks of life. Whether you had a t-shirt line or a high fashion line, it was on that blog. Notchilous Tees is one of the fashion lines that I featured back in the day and so I was muy muy pleased when I came across them while scrolling through my Instagram feed one day. Hooray for longevity! I had to reach out to Rachel and find out what was the latest with the brand.

benz punany

Click here for a reference if you’re not sure exactly what a….uhm…..benz punany is. I love a T-shirt that can get a convo started. To be honest, one of the reasons I may be so great at blogging is because I’m comfortable pouring everything out behind a screen. Put me out to network and you’re not getting a pip out of me, unless I’ve had too much to drink. -_- With a Notchilous T-shirt, all that kinda goes out the window. I mean, I can’t exactly wear this tee out and not expect lots of stares, whistles and the bold conversation, right? And that’s why I love them. They have quite the variety and I am actually jealous that the men have more than us. I may have to cop some of the male styles in a small! Check out some of my fave below

notchilous THIS COCK YELLOW on GREEN IMG_0482 notchilous commisioner white on black BG keep calm white on gray tee Print

I kinda want that bumper sticker to put on my Tata Nano. Except I am making monthly payments for it… so…

Visit to cop yours!


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