Once upon a time I had a blog called Fashion Over Style where my main focus was giving shine to Jamaican fashion designers from all walks of life. Whether you had a t-shirt line or a high fashion line, it was on that blog. Notchilous Tees is one of the fashion lines that I featured back in the day and so I was muy muy pleased when I came across them while scrolling through my Instagram feed one day. Hooray for longevity! I had to reach out to Rachel and find out what was the latest with the brand. That story has been published on Loop, you can find the article here. I brought the story over on the blog because on Loop I shied away from some of my favourite T-shirt designs that Notchilous features.

benz punany

Click here for a reference if you’re not sure exactly what a….uhm…..benz punany is. I love a T-shirt that can get a convo started. To be honest, one of the reasons I may be so great at blogging is because I’m comfortable pouring everything out behind a screen. Put me out to network and you’re not getting a pip out of me, unless I’ve had too much to drink. -_- With a Notchilous T-shirt, all that kinda goes out the window. I mean, I can’t exactly wear this tee out and not expect lots of stares, whistles and the bold conversation, right? And that’s why I love them. They have quite the variety and I am actually jealous that the men have more than us. I may have to cop some of the male styles in a small! Check out some of my fave below

notchilous THIS COCK YELLOW  on GREEN IMG_0482 notchilous commisioner white on black BG keep calm white on gray tee Print

I kinda want that bumper sticker to put on my Tata Nano. Except I am making monthly payments for it… so…

There’s a giveaway involved!!! Yesssss I have one male T-Shirt, same one like this as seen on Junior Gong! Just tell me what Notchilous means to you and I’ll pick my favourite answer! Bonus points if you share this post on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #iriedivanotchilousgiveaway #keepcalmyuhbloodclat ha! Visit www.notchilous.com to cop yours! 



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