So I already have semi birthday plans in place. What to do with the rest of November? Kingston Restaurant Week of course! I’m sure the rest of Jamaica is not too enthused by this name BTW but moving right along…

I haven’t been to many KRW experiences…the limited menus and the crowd doesn’t really appeal to me. But there are some restaurants that you you want to try out before going there and spending big money and so this is the perfect opportunity I guess..

So looking at the menus (btw i see they’ve dropped the “Kingston” from the name, my bad) I’m trying to decide where I really wanna go. I had my heart set on Jewel of India. I don’t know much about authentic indian food but I like the samosas and I LOVE me some curry. The rest of the menu however…I’m not sure its worth my 5grand. I’m not a big fan of lamb and scallops and all that other stuff.

Red Bones is looking mighty good for the ’nuff money choice. I’ve been before and the food was good enough for me to go back.

Main Course
Grilled Nova Scotia Salmon with tamarind glaze.
Seared Duck Breast laced with a tangy citrus chilli sauce.
New Zealand Baby Lamb Chops marinated with garden herbs, stuffed with feta cheese.
Grilled Lobster served in a garlic butter sauce.

No lamb for me but I’ma have a hard time choosing between lobster, salmon and duck. Actually no lobster…I can get that good at hellshire for much less. their appetizers include shrimp too….. #win

Habibi Latino is also on my radar. I’ve never been but I’ve had some of their food at various food inclusive parties and I liked what I had enough to want to go. Plus they’re serving hummus as an appetizer and having only had my homemade hummus…I kinda wanna know if mine is close to the real thing. They’re main dishes are kinda plain but the dessert options are:

1- baklava
2- namorah
3- date roll

Since I googled namorah and I came up with nothing food related, I am quite intrigued. Where are you going for RW?


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