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November was great…but its December now!

My birthday was excellente! Me and my road crew hit the movies as planned and we saw Unstoppable with Denzel. The whole entire movie is about a train. Reminded me of Speed. Ry said the ending was too anti-climatic but we all had fun never-the-less. After, we hit a bar and drank and then hit a party spot and danced. Someone who knew me from work bought me drinks but for the life of me I couldn’t make out the name the waitress kept repeating so now I feel bad when I’m at work cause I can’t get to personally thank the person and them mus’ have me up!

The night ended well and the morning after started with a hangover. I guess that’s how you know you had fun. I loooooove my road crew…always down for whatever.

My lil sis came to the movies too but this was taken at the bar…she’s not a drinker, which I’m happy for…so she went home after the movies.

As you can see I ditched the dress idea…since I ditched the club idea. Dunno who I was foolin, me and the club and work the next day? #mightdontmakeit

My blue shoes were still worked into the equation tho 😀

Loves! But now I must find something else to obsess about. Oh…this was me before, at work, or heading to work anyhow:

In some new Jessica Simpsons…bday gift from munchkins dad…them babies are bad but way too high for work!

and this was me the day before the birthday day…sneaking pics in the mirror:

You know how we girls do sometime lol. I was definitely feeling myself all week. Except the day after. No pics were taken the day after with very good reason! #popdown

Oh yeah we went to Habibi Latino for restaurant week. Very interesting food. I finally got to try authentic hummus and it was yummy! I am definitely making more…my recipe was on point. We had lamb and chicken and both extremely yummy. But the desserts were….lacking…I’m not really a fan of date rolls and grater cake looking stuff that has nuts and herbs and too much cinnamon in it. I was begging them to bring out some chocolate cake! But it was great and I would eat there again!

Anyhoo its Christmas time now and I am totally excited! Not many people are, but I am definitely feeling it. I am loving the cooler weather, the Christmas breeze and I am excited about putting up a Christmas tree! when I was younger we would always have one and I was majorly disappointed when it didn’t happen anymore. I am definitely starting my own traditions with my little munchkin. Dinner will be at my place and she’ll have lots of toys under the tree! We’ll go to church with her fam and spend quality time with the grands. She may even be walking by then. She took her first step last night! #proudmama

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4 thoughts on “November was great…but its December now!

  1. happy birthday
    love the blue outfit. . . you look so young!!!
    Like 16, honest
    Unstoppable was excellent. Good old fashioned drama/action.

  2. Yeah, I was diggin' the blue suede shoes, Elvis. I did, however notice, that although you claimed you were "young, fresh and ripe" you were dancing in flip flops, not them heels…Hmm…false advertising. LOL.

    I loved your birthday week outfits. I actually prefer the day before work outfit…

    @GC, she IS 16.

  3. lol well look who's commenting again! welcome back 😛

    u haffi bawl out mi flip flops dont??? is not me who cudnt last all night long is dem heels O.o

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