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I was thinking of titling this post “my love affair with dresses” but I’ll use the pictures that feature the nude slingbacks from my last post to show the versatility of nude instead. Ever since I had my munchkin my belly has not been the same and since I can’t wear pajama jeans to work I figure I may as well invest in a wardrobe of dresses to get my diva on. Its a fine balance still between finding those dresses that will be figure flattering while not making me look preggers once again but I think I’ve found a few.I am partial to the Merona dresses from Target because while they’re affordable, they’re really good quality, usually a nice thick or sturdy material that will enhance my curves instead of outlining them. Unfortunately they mostly come in solid colours and I am now all “solided” out and on the hunt for some cute prints. But these are the best of them. 

Not everyday ya wanna don black or brown shoes yah know. Black can be very heavy when you’re wearing some fun light colours and so the perfect neutral to pull out for these occasions is nude! Everybody who follows me on twitter know I love Jessica Simpson’s line of shoes so when I stepped into Marshall’s on fine day and saw these right up front I knew I had to get them. They were neutral which I been meaning to get, they are platform which means they’ll be comfortable and they were in Marshalls which means they’d have my kinda price!

Anyhoo here are some of my favourite Target dresses accessorized perfectly with my new nude pumps.


OK so you can’t see them all these pics but I really love these dresses. ^_^ The yellow one is the only one I didn’t buy from Target, I got that one in Rainbow. Its also where I got the purple belt, I was so amazed that it matched my purple dress so flush! Anyhoo this is how I’m walking around my office on most days, in a super comfy dress looking effortless but chic. At least I like to think so 😀


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