OMG Munchkin is TWO today! Yes, only TWO!

Every time I tell someone munchkin’s birthday was coming up, everyone assumed she was going to be three. She was always a little tall for her age, but pair that with the chattiness, the energy and the general feisty behaviour and this child will wear you out!

I just read her birth story  again that I posted last year on her first birthday. My I can’t believe how time flies and how much changes in the course of just one year. Take a look at this video, it was recorded a couple weeks before her first birthday, when she was on the verge of fully walking:

*tears* I tell all my friends who have babies or are pregnant to take as much pics and videos as they can because with munchkin running circles around me right now, I truly find it hard to remember what she was like as a teeny little goo-goo gaa-gaa baby.

She has really changed my life for the BEST. As we enter into the terrible twos, which I believe has already started, her favourite words are NO and MINE. I take her to the beach or the park to play with other kids but she takes their toys away, declares “mine!!!” and brings them over to me to show off her newest conquest. Sigh. How do they deal with this at the daycare? I don’t even know where to begin to teach her about sharing.

I absolutely love you munchkin! You make mommy a better woman and daddy a better man. You light up our lives with your squeals of joy and I am looking forward to another fun-filled, challenging year. Next up…potty training! No more diapers….yay!!! Here she is on a chill day, get to know her 🙂

Munchkin at the family’s favourite place in the world…the beach! Took a few attempts but now she cannot get enough! And that’s where we’re heading right now as you read this post! Cake, picnic, presents, sun, sand, sea…happy birthday munchkin!!!

P.S. Don’t you just love her little twist out fro? LOL

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