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On Braid-Outs and Self-Trims #Naturalhair

So my hair was getting to that point where it didn’t have much shape and was all awkward, growing out pains I guess. I figured a trim was coming up because one of the down-sides of big-chopping yourself in your bathroom mirror is that there’s no uniformity there, all choppy everything. I started to look a little bit like Lionel Richie in my head and I wasn’t feeling it. Something had to be done before I got frustrated. So I tried a braid out. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t nice and juicy and I felt as if I had to teach myself how to do this all over again. I wasn’t pleased. See, here’s my before picture:

But there’s no after. My hair looked a bit too wild for my liking, especially a few hours into the day. And it really showed up that I needed some shape to my hair. So what did I do? I cut it of course. By myself. In my mirror. When will I learn?

Anyway it didn’t come out too bad. I was trying to fade the back a little so I only took off the back and the teensiest amount from the sides. Here’s an updated pic of what my hair was looking like before my trim:

This is with pinned up sides. (BTW that dress is for sale on my FB page along with a bunch of other hot items!) Another picture without the pinned up sides, just a regular old wash and go:

And then I went buckwild in the mirror and came up with this:

Not too shabby, this is with the same braid-out technique as above, about 4 cornrows, attempting to stretch it so I could really see the shape of my cut. Again I think I have to re-think this whole braid-out thing. Maybe I am using too light of a moisturizer and should try the Shea Moisture smoothie because half-way through the day my hair was looking wild and crazy and the parts that weren’t very defined were looking real dry and trashy. But bump all that for now, too much work I think for such little out-put. My wash n go’s with my new cut are giving me life once more. When I grow some more hair and get frustrated again I’ll revisit my braid-out technique. My wash-n-go with my new trim:

Yah, I’ll work with that for now. The inspiration for my new trim came from one of the bloggers that I used to follow a lot back when I had fashion designer dreams. This woman can sew her way into Bloomingdales and I was so happy to find her on Instagram through another blogger I follow. Several years later I see where she’s had another child and she went natural!  I loved the shape of her hair and wanted to take down some of my back so that as my hair grows out it might look something like hers, like it?

You have to see more, click through to see her photos on her website, I love her hair and her style and can only hope to look as fly as I grow.

So are you feeling my new trim? How can I extend my moisture throughout my braid-outs? Share with a sista…

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4 thoughts on “On Braid-Outs and Self-Trims #Naturalhair

  1. I like the cut. It reminds me of a look Kelis had one time.

    The braidout. . . is your hair completely dry when you take down the braids? I guess different people get different results but if I don’t wait until my hair has completely dried it frizzes as it dries. I meant here can’t even be a hint of dampness. So I try not to even damp it too much when I braid it. Or if I’ve just washed it in the morning then it is going to stay in braids until the next day. Also I use cantu or taliah wajid when I want a braid-out/twist-out style.

    1. it surely was dry, i waited til it was already half dry to begin braiding. i think i need a heavier moisturizer for braidouts

  2. my comment is gone. Yeesh!
    anyway, yeah, you must be right about the heavier moisturizer. Or maybe u could try something more for locs. The Taliah Waajid “Lock it up” might be something to try. They sell it on amazon but I don’t know how accessible that is. I remember your adventures with the online clothing store that time.

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