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So, I’ve been following a Facebook page for sometime called RawGanic Vegan. She gives incredible tips on organic foods, genetically modified foods to avoid, nutrients found in different foods etc etc. She’s a clinical nutritionist and eats a high raw diet and seems to really know her stuff. It’s a great page to follow. Recently she embarked on a juice fast with some clients of hers and she’s been sharing their journey, the benefits of a fast and other tips throughout and of course people started to ask about the exact protocol. 

Now, I had become aware of juice fasting by following a blogger called Miss Jia on twitter. She embarked on a juice fast after watching a food documentary and she chronicled her journey here. It was something amazing to watch her lose all that weight and get realigned with her nutrition and her overall spirit. While I never was interested in doing a complete fast myself since I was having amazing benefits from one a day, when Rawganic put her protocol on paper and offered it for sale I became intrigued.

I purchased the Complete Juice Fasting and Parasite Cleanse from her and I’m in the process of deciding if I really want to do this. Let’s discuss my reasons for wanting to do it and my reservations.


I still want to lose another 15lbs. Right now I weigh 155 pounds and while I for sure believe that my current lifestyle will get me to my goal of at least 140, I kinda wanna do it before my birthday which rapidly approaches. I know, vanity, but all the other reasons to actually do a juice fast are so beneficial that it seems the least important one isn’t such a bad thing to wish for. Getting to my goal weight for my birthday and into the Christmas season would be great! I want to start shopping! 🙂

Toxic Cleanse

While I do try to eat as clean as possible now, I’ve never done a thorough cleanse to rid my body of any toxins that it may be carrying. It would make sense to start anew…

Juicing your food removes fiber, which allows your body to assimilate the nutrients much quicker. Since your body will not be doing the hard work of digesting food, it can use the energy to clean old impacted food waste from your small intestine and colon. On average, it is estimated that we hold 5-10lbs of toxic old matter in our intestines. Juice fasting is a great way to release it. Juice fasting is truly a wonderful healing method that does not deprive your body of nutrition. You will not be starving your body, but will be consuming a regular amount of daily calories in the form of juice. The nutrient dense juices flood your body with an abundance of super-nutrients all throughout the day while your body is healing and repairing.

An excerpt from the guide. You know that I prefer to blend than to juice my fruits and vegetables, but I’m willing to do a juice cleanse for a couple of weeks to whip my body into shape.

Mental and Spiritual Healing? 

When Miss Jia was doing her fast, she was truly on an emotional journey of clarity as well. She knew she wanted to change paths from gossip blogging but she wasn’t sure what or how to do so. Juice fasting truly helped her to gain some clarity and it was inspiring to watch. When I read that I can expect a bit of that from doing this cleanse, I was so skeptical then I remembered Miss Jia’s experience. And, she wasn’t doing this particular cleanse, she had simply embarked on her own journey after watching a documentary. Another excerpt from the guide:

Mentally and emotionally, most juice fasters experience clarity of thought and better concentration. Days 1 through 4 can be a challenge to get past “hunger pangs” and the feeling of being nourished without having the feeling of physically heavy foods in your stomach. If you’ve never fasted before, it can be a little challenging to mentally understand that you don’t need to “feel” full to be nourished. After day 4, a feeling of joy and euphoria often hits. It is a very empowering time. Juicers usually feel lighter, stronger and happier. You are likely to experience noticeable changes on the emotional and spiritual levels. When we release old physical matter from the cells and body, we feel more at peace, positive and emotionally stable. It is common for major life changes to occur for people during the course of a juice fast. It is an optimum time to reevaluate areas in your life that you want to change, and come up with a game plan for changing them. Juice fasting is an extremely empowering experience.

Doesn’t it sound kind of kookey? I would have thought so if I didn’t see it happening prior. And who couldn’t use some inner peace and focus in their life?

I think I can

Speaking of spiritual connection, one of the biggest reasons I’ve never considered a juice fast is simply because I’m not sure I have the willpower to do it. I didn’t have much motivation since I was getting to my goal off just one juice a day, so, could I really have the discipline to do this cleanse? Normally when I get home from work I have an oatmeal shake to hold me over til dinner is ready, or if I’m trying to lose weight I just have that and then some more fruits before bed. I’m not sure I can give up my oatmeal shakes!!! I love them!!! And then to have another green juice in the night? Ugh…at that time I just want some fooooood! But, it’s only 21 days at most. I can do this…right?

Parasite Cleanse?

Do I have parasites? EW! I’m going back on forth on if I really want to go through with the parasite part of the guide. It seems really ew and I’m not sure it’s completely necessary. She says that it doesn’t make sense for us to be eliminating all of this toxic waste without properly flushing them from our system. They’ll simply be released and then reintroduced into our bodies otherwise. She makes a lot of sense of course, but…sigh. Miss Jia went through a tough time on her cleanse, experiencing headaches and discomfort on some days. These are the exact symptoms that Rawganic says occur on a cleanse when we’re not eliminating the waste quickly and properly from our bodies, so it makes sense to complete this portion of the cleanse too. I just don’t know maaaan……

Thoughts on juice fasting? If you’ve ever done one I sure would like to hear your views! Are you considering doing this or any other type of fast? Go on over and purchase your copy and let’s do this together!

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